Handling the Paparazzi

The paparazzi was all over our home yesterday!  It was out of control.  Ok…not really.

Isabel is so funny.  About a week ago we found out that the local newspaper wanted to do a story about Isabel and her organization, Shoesforkids.  Isabel prepared all week, picked out her outfit, and practiced what she wanted to say.  She kept saying to me, “When is the paparazzi coming?”

They came yesterday… a photographer (with 2 Nikon D3’s) and a reporter (with a pen and pad).  My little girl told her story while her mother and father (that is us) beamed with pride.  900 shoes have been sent overseas this year to kids in need.  We have 700 shoes ready for shipment.  Many of those shoes will go to Haiti in the next couple of weeks with a team from ForwardEdge. Some will help a local ministry for the homeless, and some will go to India with me  on a Compassion trip in less than two weeks.

The reporter asked Isabel, “Why do you do this?”

Isabel answered, “Cause it makes me happy.”

She concluded her interview yesterday by saying, “I just want to make kids smile.”

Photo above taken by KeelyMarie in December on a trip to Guatemala with Compassion International.

Photo above taken by Bob Craddock with ForwardEdge ministries on a trip to Nicaragua this last November.

Thanks friends for helping and contributing and making Happy Feet!  We are so blessed and overwhelmed at all the generosity.  My little girl (all 5’2″ of her 80 pound frame), has seen God work in a mighty mighty way, and her heart is filled. Thank you!

9 Comments on “Handling the Paparazzi

  1. We can meet at the Starbucks by Ikea. That is an easy place for me to meet and then you don’t have to come so far. I am open all day so let me know what time you what to connect.

  2. I am closer to 205. I’m in Fairview – just across the river from you! I don’t mind coming over to you.

  3. I am going to East India so I can take gifts for your EI kids. Are you closer to I-5 or 205?

  4. Thursday is good for me. My girls have swimming at 4:30, but the rest of the day is open.
    Are you going to India or East India? I have 2 kids whose numbers start with IN and 3 whose numbers start with EI. I just need to know who I’m buying for : )

    If you want, you can email me at fiddlejill@yahoo.com and we can work out the details.

  5. Jill,
    I would be happy to take a couple of gifts. I should have room! We could hook up this next week then since I missed you at the concert the other night. Thursday is a good day if you have some time.

  6. When you travel, do you ever have room for delivering a small gift to a Compassion child? I have kiddos all over the world ( a couple in India) and it would be cool to send them gifts. When I’ve sent gifts with others before, I’ve kept them limited to a gallon sized zip lock bag, so they are pretty small. BUT…I completely understand if all your extra space is filled with shoes. Just thought I would ask.

  7. I just read the article! Woohoo! Great job, Isabel and family! You are an inspiration. Mr. Pederson and I were wondering where Grace was??

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