A feast to remember on New Years Eve!

Oh my! It is almost here…2011.

Do you ever forget what year it is?  Like you can’t remember if it’s 2010 or 2011 or 1995?  Maybe my senility is kicking in, but once in awhile I go to write the date, and won’t remember what year it is.

I admit New Years is another one of my favorite holidays.  I love reflecting on the past, I love thinking about the exciting things of the future.  We feel blessed that 2010 had many joyous moments for us, yet we know many people who have experienced difficulties and tragedies.  The New Year always marks a time to begin again.  Maybe it is in a resolution, or possibly a renewed commitment to something, but it marks time and allows us to see God’s hand and faithfulness in our lives, whether we have had a good year or not.  It is a time to celebrate the end and the beginning.

Speaking of ends, I stopped weighing myself about a month ago because I did not want to face the truth.  I also wanted to enjoy the holiday season and everything it has to offer. This morning, when I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn for a month, I was relieved to be able to button them up after grunting and squeezing the jeans up over my buttocks.

“Whew, they fit,” I thought to myself.  “So what if I can’t breath anymore.”

I have decided the scale is overrated and I don’t want to kill my New Years joy by stepping on it now.  After all, we have this amazing meal planned for New Years Eve and it’s my tradition to go on a January, post holiday diet.  I certainly don’t want to break tradition.

So let me tell you about what we will eat this New Years.  The Jones love food and my girls love a great meal. So for New Years, we are gathering with a few close friends.  Stephen and our friend, Karen, are going to be throwing down their very best while Wingman (Karen’s husband) and myself ( they call us the B team) will throw down a few of our specialties too. We will bring in the New Years with delicious- o- magnificence.

Starting with our appetizer: Bacon wrapped scallops over a bed of slaw.

Soup course: Potato Leek soup with homemade spicy croutons and prosciutto.

Northwest Salad: Fresh greens w/ gorgonzola, smoked salmon, purple onion, pomegranate seeds, covered with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Main Course and my favorite: Beef tenderloin stuffed (yes stuffed) with lobster filling, double stuffed potatoes with havarti, chives, and love, and asparagus with lemon butter.

Dessert: Warm Chocolate Molten Cake with caramel vanilla bean sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Over six hours we will consume this feast and enjoy good friends.   Then we will call in the New Years and welcome 2011 into our lives.  It shall be a feast to remember!

What are you doing for New Years?

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