Plans have changed

Well, I am settling in tonight, I have my pajamas on  and it’s only 5:20pm.  I am taking a deep breath.

Plans have changed.

I learned early this morning that there is political unrest in the region of India that I was going to be  traveling to next week.  They are expecting government officials to strike, and protests.  The police are being called up to respond with force if necessary.  One article said that some were planning to demonstrate with a fast-to-the- death if they don’t get their way. Anyway, our Compassion staff in India said it will not be safe to travel to the region while this is going on, so the trip has been cancelled.  We are trying to reschedule it for later in the year.

I admit, I am a little dissapointed.  My travel clothes are laying out ready to be packed and all the shoes for kids are in bags ready for delivery. I have some gifts for some sponsored children that won’t get there this month.

But God has other plans and I am just going to trust Him in that.

My husband and I will now have more time home together, and I will be able to attend Isabel’s’ orchestra concert that I would have missed. Also, we have learned that a Portland News Channel will be calling to interview Isabel about the shoes going to Haiti (which is both crazy and exciting), so I figure it’s all good….

I will make some curry chicken this week though because I think it’s necessary.  I might even drink some Chai tea.

It’s hard when plans change, but I am reminded that my plans are not always God’s plans…so I am going to live in that.




5 Comments on “Plans have changed

  1. I am so glad you are not going.
    I had a bad feeling about it, but was encouraged about the thought of praying for your safety and God’s hand and purpose. But I am glad the trip was cancelled.
    Maybe I still see through selfish eyes…and I love the other positive thoughts because God’s hand is present…and is evident.

  2. My name is Jennifer and I am a teacher at Woodland High School. I am also the advisor of the O Ambassadors club at the school. This club is a service club that raises awareness and funds to help reach the UN Millennium goals. These goals are set to help women and children and general health in developing countries like Kenya, India, China and others. In fact, our club sent 2 students to build schools in Kenya last summer and 1 to work in an orphanage in China. I also spent 2 weeks in Kenya living with a family and teaching in a school this last summer. I am interested in talking to you about your work and maybe working with you to run some fundraisers and drives with my club. If you could please contact me at home 360-573-2858. I would love to learn more about how we can help.



  3. Wow. Sorry about the roller coaster of emotions and plans, but thankful for the oversight of Compassion and their concern for the safety of their teams. Praying now for the church where you were to be visiting and the kids/families from the project…as they sit in the midst of this political mess.

    I guess this means you get swiped off of my fridge… for now : ) Enjoy your family and this “unplanned” time that God has gifted ya with.

  4. God’s plans are so much better than ours! I’m glad they called the trip off and you aren’t risking safety. The gifts I gave you aren’t that important – they can definitely wait.

    What does Isabel play? I’m a violinist – don’t know if I mentioned that, but it’s what I got a degree in (masters in violin performance and Suzuki pedagogy).

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