10,000 toes

By Patricia

It’s been one year.

One year ago, Stephen and I were glued to the TV about any news we could get about our Compassion staff and kids in Haiti. Our three girls were engaged because we waited for news about our friend Dan Woolley, who was on my Compassion blog trip and works for Compassion. We feared the worst.  Now Dan is revisiting Haiti after writing a book about being trapped in the rubble, and I am praying for him as he returns. He is blogging here and hoping to help this.

A year later, there is still so much need.  Haiti is a mess. It was a mess 14 years ago when I was there, and from what I hear, there continues to be incredible need.

Forward Edge International is sending a team a month to Haiti from Solid Rock Church to help people. They told me today that the Haitian people have been asking for something.  They need this desperately and they are hoping we can help provide……

Ten Thousand Happy Toes – by Isabel

Ten Thousand Toes, Two Thousand Feet, and One Thousand Kids, can you image? How many shoes do you have around your house that you don’t wear that you can give? 4 or 5 maybe if you look hard 7 or 8? If you have too many shoes just send them. You could have many situations that you have shoes, like…

“I got these new shoes, but I do not like them. I mean I don’t need them. They have sparkles and stickers I can put on them but I am too old for that. Does no one get that? I don’t just want to throw them away. What do I do?”

Answer: Shoes for Kids

“I was cleaning my closet out the other day and I found some shoe. I didn’t know I had those. Their still pretty nice, I have only worn them once of twice. Don’t worry, I already tried, they don’t fit any more.  The only question is what do I do with them?”

Answer: Shoes for Kids

… and things like that. My goal for you is to see how many shoes you have in your house that you don’t use any more. What if 100 people did that and found 10 shoes and if not ten, maybe 5 pairs, and then they would go out and buy shoes so they could send 10.  Can you image 1000 shoes from 100 people? I can, but can we do it? Please go through your closet and send shoes you have never used in a long time. My goal is 1000 shoes. Can you tell?

Now until the end of the month, every box of shoes we get, every donation (unless designated somewhere else) will go to Haiti for people, to kids, their family, and all who need it.  They have had such a hard year, so we need to bring them happy feet with some shoes.

(by the way, Isabel wanted you to see her big bruise from skiing and doing a yard sale on the ski slopes.  See her right calf)

Making Happy Feet,


Send shoes to:

ShoesforKids Global

16420 S.E. McGillivray, Suite 103/566

Vancouver, WA 98683-3461

We have storage so send away!

Email us with questions! shoesforkids@comcast.net

Send people to my website at shoesforkids.me

10 Comments on “10,000 toes

  1. Amanda, we are so happy about this and there is so much room! Bring it on…that is what the Jones are saying!

  2. I wondered about that pretty bruise; glad I didn’t have to ask 🙂

  3. does it matter if they are open toe shoes or sandles? also, where do we bring them?

  4. Yes Holly! We accept adults sizes. Many teens as you know wear adult sizes! For Haiti we want whatever we can get! Thanks!

  5. I am relieved and delighted you are now willing to accept gently used shoes. We were so disappointed not to be able to contribute the many barely-worn pairs we all had. We’ve given those to Good Will, but will keep Shoes For Kids in mind for the future. Will you accept adult sizes too?

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  7. Hi folks, I’m going to see what I can do for you. All the best, Mary

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