An Ordinary Day

Wow!  Yesterday was quite a day.  I must say I was glad I was home and not in India.

In the midst of having a busy meeting day, the Portland CBS news affiliate, KOIN news, came to our home and interviewed Isabel (I hope to have a link soon to show you the story that was on the news last night).

We watched her on the 5 o’clock news last night, right before President Obama gave his speech at the memorial service in Arizona.  It’s not everyday you get to be the story before the President.  Anyway, we watched her story, then we watched it again, and again….and again.  Isabel sat and giggled the entire time as she saw herself on TV.  On the flip side, our hearts hurt for the parents that lost their nine year old in Arizona.  I can’t even imagine!

After the news, we dashed out to watch 8th graders perform monologues for the theatre class that Grace attends at her middle school.

I am just going to say that watching 8th graders do monologues was a bit like watching someone get dental work.  Some kids own the stage and can eloquently deliver their lines, and some kids look like they are on the verge of passing out and throwing up.  Grace beautifully performed Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet.  I was really proud of her!   Last year she ROCKED at Tweedle Dee in the school play, so taking on the serious roll of Juliet was quite the shift of character.  She did great!

There were some other 8th graders that were sooooo nervous, and with this being their first time on stage, they kept forgetting their lines.  Oh my word, I just wanted to curl up in a corner because my heart and soul felt so sorry for these kids as they would stop and struggle. As if they don’t have enough to feel insecure about in middle school.

Today things have settled down once again.  No media, no newspapers, no big news to report.  Spence Smith helped Isabel get her website spiffed up, we are trying to get 1,000 shoes for Haiti, but other than that, my day feels normal.  I am kind of sleepy in fact, so I am enjoying the quiet of this January day.

I do kind of wish I was in Hawaii right now, like on a beach, enjoying some warm sunshine, laying in the sand, reading a good book, sipping a fruity umbrella drink of some sort. Oh well! It’s just an ordinary day so I will make the best of it.

What kind of day are you having?

10 Comments on “An Ordinary Day

  1. Well, my thanks go to you….your postings often give me pause for reflection and inspiration. 🙂

  2. Hi Amy,
    WE are getting close. We are at about 850 now. More came today so it’s exciting.

    Thanks for reading along and all your encouraging comments.

  3. Patricia,
    Just wanted to let you know that thanks to the link you all posted, I was able to show my class (I teach 6th grade) the news clip online about Isabelle. I pointed out that she was their age and look at the difference she’s making in the world. I then challenged them to think about how they could make a difference as well. I really appreciated the opportunity to show them that, so thanks to you and Stephen for posting the link.
    Did she reach her goal of 1,000 shoes?

  4. Just wrote a blog post about shoes for kids….my blog is private and I don’t have many readers (50ish), but maybe you’ll get a few pair of shoes for Haiti!

  5. Sounds good for the gifts. Our goal on the shoes is by the 27th of the month. They can take more next month though if that deadline doesn’t work for the shoes.

  6. If you don’t mind holding them and taking them when you go, that would be great.

    When I get some shoes together, I will contact you about bringing them over – the goal is by the end of the month, right?

  7. Jill,
    Love OMSI…way to go!
    Awesome about the shoes. Hey, do you want me to just hold those gifts? I will be going to India probably May or Sept. from what they are telling me.

  8. busy day….we had a morning field trip to the OMSI museum, now we are home so I can teach a violin lesson, then we head off to swim lessons!

    I am rounding up shoes from all our closets for the current drive. They will be used, but still in good shape. Love the new look to the website : )

  9. I am so proud of your Isabel!!! I have a box of shoes I have been meaning to send for….eek…months. I didn’t have enough cash for shipping in November and they’ve been in my trunk ever since. I will shoot to get those out next week, though.
    I’ve had a productive day, thankfully. Last week was a wash, so it feels good to make headway. Took down the tree and decorations, cleaned the house and ran/walked a mile. Plus some Bible readin’ and lots of prayer about some issues.
    Anyway, I will spread the word about Shoes for Kids on my blog again very soon, too. What a great cause!!

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