My Moment of Complete Failure

I wanted to throw up.  I was so mad at myself.   I felt like crying… I was so mad at myself.

Today, a classroom of high school kids waited with anticipation to start a project.  They wanted to do a shoe drive.  A month ago they invited Isabel to their school to talk about Shoes for Kids.  They wanted Isabel, the hero, to share her story, her view of the world, why she does this, and they wanted the 2000 kids in their high school to do a shoe drive.

Today they put up a banner.  “Welcome Isabel.”

They were ready for her arrival.  They waited and they waited.

One problem.

I had a different date in my calendar.  I had recorded down the wrong date.  Somewhere back in December, I got in hurry and wrote down THE WRONG DATE (with emphasis in my voice).

I am people pleaser. I like to be reliable, on time, faithful and committed.  Emotionally, I curl up into fetal position when I do things like this. I cringe and I fret.

At youth group tonight, a girl came up to us.  “Why didn’t you show up at Union today?”

I looked at her with confusion. “Huh?”

“Isabel was supposed to come today,” she said.

My stomach hurt. I felt a wave of heat across my face.  My eyes darted around the room as I tried to gather my thoughts.  “Oh no!”  I exclaimed.  “I had a different date written down.”

She later told my daughter, Grace, “We had a poster for her and everything.”

I once missed a flight to meet my husband in Colorado because my alarm didn’t go off.  I overslept a meeting.  I have missed things along the way.  I have forgotten kid events.  When things like this happen, I feel a rush of panic and regret.

I humbly realize I am not perfect. My humanity results in mistakes.  My brain doesn’t always function at 100%, I am technologically dysfunctional at times.

I rushed home from youth group last night and I wrote the teacher.  She was gracious to forgive me and we rescheduled for March 2nd, 11:40 Pacific time at Union High School in room 301. It’s in my calendar, it’s in Stephen’s calendar and surely we will get Isabel to her speaking gig next time.

On a happy note.  Monday, I told you all that we had to find new storage for our shoes.  A blessing came our way.  A beautiful blessing of a donation to help us pay for storage.  This was another beautiful answer to prayer and it humbly shows me that our God is watching over us.  He uses you to bless me and I am so thankful.  I am humbled by the generosity. Thank you for your love!

Finally, to all the moms and dads out there that have missed that important date, just know that I understand.   Thank goodness it’s a new day!




8 Comments on “My Moment of Complete Failure

  1. That is so hard! If it makes you feel any better, about 10 years ago there was a big, huge glitch in the scheduling area at LPM and my mom missed a radio interview. Like, they were waiting and waiting for her to call in and she never did. Awful! I’m sorry this happened to you.

  2. I never make mistakes. Ever. Except for that one time as a youth leader when I thought a Twizzler in a water-balloon launcher was a good idea. Inside. And it went through a ceiling.
    And that other time..

  3. I feel your pain. This would have made me sick. But we ALLmake mistakes. We are only human after all. Therefore I too am thankful for grace and do-overs.

  4. Grrr. I hate it when that happens. What’s even worse is when you’ve written it on the right date but failed to check it. I did that a week ago. Reading this, I immediately checked my own calendar to make sure there wasn’t anything going on today!

    Please forgive yourself. I don’t want my friend holding grudges against herself. And bravo on the new storage situation!


  5. Oh, Patricia! So sorry! I’ve made those kind of mistakes, I know that fetal position. Grace, grace, more grace. Who knows what the Lord might have orchestrated through that “mistake.” Thanks for being open.

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