Celebrating Steve -2011

For 20 years I have celebrated birthdays with this man.  We were 12 when we got married…ok not really.

One of our traditions on birthdays is to go around the table and share something we love about the birthday person.  It’s a chance to spill love. It’s easy for me to do this with him.  He is easy for me to love.  I am not saying he is always easy to live with…No, he has an edge and he can be a grump at times.  What I am saying is he is easy to love.  He listens, he is wise, truthful and faithful.  He is dynamic and outspoken. He is a leader.  He is that guy that you follow when something horrible goes wrong because Stephen is smart and he can lead with wisdom.

He loves me.  He gives big hugs and he speaks sweet words.  He affirms his girls and affirms me.  He is not afraid to share from his heart and he delivers words of life into the souls of others.   There are no games with Steve; he says it, he means it.

He lives life well and cares more about what is right and what is good then about pleasing people.  He doesn’t worry about his image and yes…he doesn’t always make others happy.  He is good at his job and he protects Compassion.  I hear him on the phone and he’s negotiating.  He’s in marketing and there are costs, but the bottom line is about getting kids sponsored and changing lives.  He is not afraid to take a chance on something if he thinks it will get more kids sponsored, but he will ask questions and he will negotiate.  I love this about him.   He makes me uncomfortable with car salesmen, but he gets more for less, and this good.  This is wise. He doesn’t let me talk when negotiating because frankly I stink at it.

Finally, he is a good dad.  No, he is a great dad.

Summer 2004

He loves to spend time with his females and he will sit for a long time to work things out.  He sifts through the emotions of girls, he sits through hours of excessive talking morning and night.  He has witnessed the catfights of girls.  Sometimes, with glazed eyes he looks at me and says, “I don’t get it.  Is this a girl thing?” He doesn’t pretend to understand because he is not a girl but I love that he tries.  I love that he played Barbies…like twice with the girls.  I love that he will take them on dates…take me on dates and he wants to spend time with US>

He is a good man, and I love celebrating him.  I am a lucky woman to be married to such a good man.  Happy Birthday Stephen.

5 Comments on “Celebrating Steve -2011

  1. Patricia – I think back to our last night in Ecuador back in October when you shared how you met your husband at camp. It was blessing to hear your story on how the Lord brought the two of you together. This post makes me excited to think about the guy that I might marry one day, the one that God has been preparing, but havent met yet. Thank you for sharing such sweet words about your husband and inspiring me to continue praying for the person the Lord has set apart for me to partner with to further His kingdom.

    Are you coming to Atlanta anytime soon?

  2. Wiping back the tears. Very well written, Patricia.
    Steven, Happy Birthday my friend. Very honored to call you friend and proud of the man and leader you are.

  3. A suggestion. Print this off and frame it for him. It is a wonderful tribute to a ‘good man’ in your life. God blessed you with a special love. From a mid 50’s mom, grandma who has been married 37 years. Let him know how special he is.

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