Female Friday – Ultimate Girl Week

It’s been awhile since I have done a female Friday post, but this week it seemed appropriate.

Stephen is in El Salvador.  He took some NFL players down there to meet some sponsored kids.  I am not allowed to say which players because it might jeopardize their safety.  Ok… just kidding, he just told me to pipe it up.

While Steve is being the small mature man with a bunch of young, large guys to say the least …we are having quite the girl time.

The other night we watched “Return to Me,” an excellent chic flick.

Last night we spent a fair bit of time teaching our dog, Levi to sing.  This involves some howling and sounds that Steve probably could not tolerate, but us girls are amused with such activities. Hopefully, we can show you the results of those vocal lessons soon.

I have not cooked much.  Remember that meal-planning thing I was doing?  Well, some brilliant soul gave me the idea of doing a month of eat downs.  We are eating down our items in the pantry and refrigerator.  Have you ever noticed how much you have that you haven’t cooked with?  Like I have all this rice, and beans, and stuff in the freezer. So each night I challenge the girls to pull something that has been sitting around for a while.  Who cares if that chicken is green! Just kidding.  We aren’t eating green chicken so don’t worry. This eat down is forcing me to look deep into the dark corners of the pantry and freezer. Dinner anyone?

We have been doing a fair bit of singing.  I can’t quite figure it out, but when Stephen is gone, we can come up with some catchy little tunes.  My girls love to harmonize, make beats, be silly, so our songs turn into elaborate harmonies mixed with strange but interesting lyrics about chickens and squirrels.  Words can’t quite describe…so I will spare you the details.

We do a little dancing.  Someone always gets hurt.  Our dancing involves elaborate moves that my body isn’t quite prepared for.  That’s ok, that is why I am seeing a physical therapist.

We have moments of catty fights.  It’s inevitable with four females in the house.  (Rerrrr… claws up).

We are reading a book together.  I have read it before, but we are reading “The Shack” together.   It’s so nice spending this time together doing a great activity.  Our local librarian told me the other day, your children are never too old to read to.

My favorite part about girl week is the snuggle time.  Each night I have one of the girls (they all take turns) sleep in my room and we chat and snuggle.  Last night I admit I kept Grace up wayyyyyy toooooo late working on our dog video…which will be very funny.  That girl is so creative; she keeps me laughing.

Stephen comes home Saturday, just in time for Valentines Day.  Thinking we might need a good guy movie by then.  I don’t know…maybe after his week with NFL players, he will be ready to do some fluffy girly stuff, probably not, however, he never ceases to amaze me.

It’s a blessing being mom, everyday I am thankful for the beautiful girls God has brought into my life!

Happy Friday!

10 Comments on “Female Friday – Ultimate Girl Week

  1. Awesome Diane. Was the bisquik green? If not its ok in my book.
    Yeah, I redid my blog. Going to try it out for awhile. I get bored with the same old stuff so it was just time.

  2. Like the new look of the bolg! Eat down, huh? I like that idea… the other night I got a craving for biscuits. I never get a craving for biscuits but it lasted a couple of days so I decided to indulge it, only to find the Bisquik had expired in 1996. Yes, you read that right. It expired in the late 20th century. I tossed it out and ignored the craving. 🙂

  3. I am so grateful for all the ways you love.
    Love well. Laugh real. Care deep.
    Wish I could come over and croon with the dog tonight too.

    You are a gift to me Patricia Jones and I whisper thanks for *you*…
    Thank you for prayers. He hears and He carries.

    Love, love, love…

  4. On Any Given Sunday…..Al Pacino…………total football movie. Terrible language; get the theater version if possible it’s better than the director’s cut.
    But boy the one upmanship in this movie…seems like a real guy thing.

  5. Amanda,
    Keely eats fried ants purchased from street vendors so she is no longer a reliable source in this area. She has lost all safe food credibility. You will have to go with your gut now. If there is fur, don’t eat it. That is my advice.

  6. So you’re saying if I’m ever at your house I need to watch Keely to see if she eats the meat.

  7. That is very fun Jill. We have lots of fun but it’s always nice when Steve comes home. We miss him a lot!

  8. Sounds like you are having fun. Kevin was away for a week this past summer and we had “Crazy Fun Girls Week” – each day had a theme (my girls are only 4 and 6). We had backwards day and ate tacos for breakfast and cereal for supper, rainbow day, ice cream day (at a little ice cream at each meal), etc. It was fun and mad the week without daddy go by more quickly!

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