One Step Closer to Love

I am moved and inspired at what kids can do.  I am amazed!

Isabel started shoesforkids, about a year ago, and what has happened since, has been incredible.

Yesterday, nine boxes of shoes came to our home.  I am guessing it’s over 300 pairs.  These shoes were sent to us because some 4th, 5th and 6th graders from a church in Alabama wanted to do something to help.  These shoes will help Haitian children who have absolutely nothing.

Last night, Isabel was invited to attend a dance at Canyon Creek Middle School in Washougal. WA.  They had done a shoe drive and wanted to give the shoes to Isabel.  The dance was called, “One Step Closer to Love”.

There are only 240 students in the entire school and over a couple of weeks the kids in this school set out to collect shoes to help kids.  We heard a story about one boy who walked two miles around his neighborhood collecting shoes. He alone collected 75 pairs of shoes.

In the middle of the dance, the music stopped and the ASB President gave a beautiful speech about Isabel, called her forward as all the kids cheered.  Then, they unveiled 1170 pairs of shoes that their small school had collected for Shoes for Kids.  My daughter stood speechless.  She managed to get some words out saying thank you, but I could see the emotion on her face as she looked at the shoes.

In a single day, 1500 pairs of shoes were handed over to Isabel.  1500 shoes collected by kids…for kids.

In Clark County, a report came out recently.  30% of 10th grade students in our county have thoughts of suicide.  Last month, a boy in Julia’s school committed suicide.  Depression is robbing our children of seeing their greater purpose.

Let me jump up on my soapbox.

As I have spent this year watching all my girls engage with the shoe thing, I am convinced kids need to find a greater purpose in life than themselves.  Life must be more than video games, Disney channel, athletics, achievement awards or learning an instrument.  Kids need to find purpose beyond their own talent (when the athlete gets injured, or the talent is no longer needed).  Kids need see something greater than what this limited American culture has to offer. They need to be inspired, they need to see the greatness of giving, the power of a team and the beauty of this life.  They need to see they can make a difference in this world… and giving is better than receiving.

Our kids need parents, teachers, pastors and other adults to help them find their purpose.  They need to know that they are special.  They need to see examples of sacrificially living and giving.  They need to know that this life is more than making money and buying nice clothes and getting awards.  They need to know that it starts now, not later.

I am inspired by those kids that have helped us collect shoes.  I am moved by a cause greater than my own self and my family.  Isabel couldn’t do this alone. She depends on others, and with that she finds community, love and a generous spirit.  She becomes a hero to many, yet she knows the heroes are the children who have helped collect shoes and that the blessings are in the smiles of the children who receive.

Parents, help your kids find a purpose; help them while they are young.  Do something great together.  Sponsor a child or give sacrificially to some great cause.

Our God did not call us to live life and just die.  We must help our kids live a purposeful life…a heroic life and it starts today.

One step closer to love.

9 Comments on “One Step Closer to Love

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, Patricia! As the mom to two teenagers I could not agree more! Sponsoring our Compassion child in Ghana has been such a blessing to them. It is a joy to hear them pray for her every day and we all hope to go for a visit some day.

    Your daughter is quite special…God is going to use her mightily!

    God Bless,

  2. Praising God with you for the many wonderful things He is doing through Isabel, through your family and through the lives you are touching by walking in obedience.

  3. Amen! This post is getting bookmarked along with the one you wrote a while back about your family mission! I’m in my early 30’s and am not married but would love to be and have a family someday. If God choses that for me, I will definitely be coming back to these posts!! My desire is for my future family to love and serve like your does so well!

  4. Amen and amen!! And yay for what God is doing in and through Isabel’s sweet little heart. 🙂

  5. Woot!!! Preach on that soapbox all you want Patricia! I couldn’t agree more.

  6. This is amazing. It sounds like you have a world changer on your hands. My little boys are both under 2 years old but I love hearing stories like this about young people who are doing such amazing things.

  7. Good job I love to see young people do good and find a purpose early in life. God bless her as she continues to press forward in her desire to help others.

  8. This is such an awesome thing to see as it unfolds and what a self essteem boost for her. You are right if you give young people a purpose they can accomplish alot and it is the job of the parents to help in that role. Good job mom~ from a grandma of six in Oregon

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