Color and Happiness in Positano!

Our colorful day!

My last picture is my favorite only because I put this hat on him and snapped this shot before he knew what the hat looked like (he he he). Personally I like the hat. It makes me very happy. What do you think? Lets vote!

13 Comments on “Color and Happiness in Positano!

  1. Stephen,
    You seem to be haunted with bad hats. Remember Dominican Republic with Bob Lenz? It was great talking to all of you this morning. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. The hat is a MUST. I want to see that next time you’re here — way cool. Love the pictures!

  3. selfishly, I think you should buy the hat…….and if Steve doesn’t want to keep it………I will gladly pay for it and take it off your hands!!
    yes fabulous photos!!
    Happy B-Day to Judy too…if I’ve got that right.

  4. Rosa,
    We love it here! It is so beautiful.
    Thanks for following my blog,

  5. Lovely, just lovely! Would you believe I recognized Il Saraceno restaurant from just the pansies on the wall? My kids practically grew up on their pizza! In fact my husband and third son will be dining there tonight too.

  6. everything you’ve shown us in your photographs are beautiful!!! So glad you can have this time!

  7. Wow … great pictures Patricia. You’re a pro!!
    I like the hat – Steve’s manliness overshadows the … uh … femininity of the hat.
    And actually, the thing the struck me first in your pictures that I loved was Julia’s big smile, and knowing she’s about to eat that whole pizza in front of her!!

    Glad you had another great day!

  8. Love the hat, but not on him, ha. Happy Birthday to Isabel, she looks a lot better, poor dear. Have a great time, looks like you are. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  9. Love the hat!

    All your photos are just gorgeous – makes me wish I was going somewhere. Oh wait – I’m going to Illinois today – not quite as exciting as Italy.

  10. I personally LOVE the hat! It just looks so cheerful and happy. Looks like an amazing vacation.

  11. What a beautiful array of color but your girls are the real stars of the photos!

    I say any man brave enough to take 4 women to France and Italy can wear any hat he chooses…although I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in that bucket…but it looks great on Steve 🙂

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