Expecting the unexpected

I woke up this morning on day 4 in the Philippines, not sure what to expect.  Three, days ago I befriended an orangutang…

Two days ago I rode in a Jeepny…

Yesterday, I danced with Jollibee to a Justin Bieber song…

But nothing could have prepared me for  today.

I saw… such unhappy children at the Compassion Development Center.  So sad.

    This is Faith and she is in the Leadership Development Program.

So shy, withdrawn, lacking expression…

I was so worried about her, and her friend too.  They both seemed sad and lacking confidence.

And I just don’t think the children at this project have any opportunity to have fun.  Boring! What kind of place is this?

A church?  Seriously?

After our time at the center, we went to visit the homes of two students.

These kids don’t need sponsoring.  I mean, they don’t need anything.

Is Compassion making a difference? Looking at these girls that grew up in poverty and were sponsored, and are now in college through the Leadership Development Program, I am just not sure. It’s hard to tell.

My husband says I am a horrible liar.

You can make a difference today! Look at these children.  

9 Comments on “Expecting the unexpected

  1. I LOVE this post! I grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid and used to eat at Jollibee a lot!!! YUMMY!

  2. Love this! The girls ARE beautiful. And the boy in red–he’s been on every blog so far! Oh, he’s hilarious! 🙂

    Perfect post.


  3. Well, your “lies” sure do come together creatively to make a powerful impact! You are an amazing storyteller of all things true and needful.

    What an amazing week you have allowed us to be a part of. Wow. May God give your body, mind and soul some sweet rest as he waters all of the seeds that you have planted in His name over these last few days.

  4. Yeah, Patricia is sure getting some mileage out of that picture. So glad to add some humor to your day, Jay.

  5. What an awful post! How could you write such horrible things?

    (just kidding)

    Loved it! I love the laughter and smiles – Jesus shining through their faces.

  6. Loved this with the amazing photos. Feel like I’m right there cuz the emotion is comin’ through.

  7. Jay,
    Steve’s love for you just grew stronger. I am sure of it! Too funny.

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