Red eye, Red eyes, and night flights…we are off again.

I am jet setting again.  This time it’s to Bolivia with some awesomely great (FYI…it’s almost midnight so forgive my adjectives) people from Huntsville, Alabama. I’m actually sitting in the Portland airport right now waiting for my red eye flight.  Personally, it’s easier leaving in the morning than at night, but when you are flying from the northwest all the way to Miami, and you have to catch an afternoon flight in Miami, you either have to come in the day before to Miami, or take a red eye.  Something about being alone in an airport at night seems harder to me than being alone in the morning.  The tired factor creeps in.

Speaking of red eyes, I am having an eye issue.  I don’t know what is going on, I either scratched my eye or something is going down, but my eye is all messed up.  So God is good, and there just happens to be an eye doctor on this trip.  How perfect is that!   I’ll admit, it’s not fun going to an underdeveloped country with any ailment, but it’s comforting to know that a doctor is on board who can treat the ailment!   I trust everything will be ok with the old eyeball, but it could use some prayers.

Speaking of eyeballs, I have never had to eat one.

Let’s  move on before I digress even more, after all it’s almost midnight.

Saying goodbye to my family tonight was especially hard.   I miss them already.

Let’s talk about this next week.  Ok…I admit that it’s our 20 year anniversary on Wednesday.  Yes, I will be in Bolivia, but back in the day when I was asked to lead this trip, I asked Stephen how he felt about me being gone on our special day.  You see, his sponsored child, Yeremi, the only sponsored child that has not been met, lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  I will get to meet him. Also, I have a friend that I met online that will be on this trip.  Doesn’t that sound weird???  Yes, seriously, I met Debbi when she reached out to Isabel and me and did one of our first shoe drives at her church.  Then I found out what an incredible advocate she was for Compassion.   We have just been friends since and now I get to finally meet her and her family and the other  people going on the trip from her church.  They have been such an encouragement to me over the last few months, I feel like I am traveling with friends.

So I am off!  Steve and I have been texting our I Love you messages,  I know that people are praying, I am excited about being with this team and seeing a new country.  I do ask for your prayers for this trip!

So goodnight my friends, I will hopefully be able to keep you up to speed on what we experience in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


3 Comments on “Red eye, Red eyes, and night flights…we are off again.

  1. Good morning Sunshine!!! I am ready with an arsenal of eye drops. Hope your eye is better even without them…can’t wait to see you in Miami. Safe travel…

  2. Looks like we will beat you home on our red eye! How weird is that? Our house is almost empty and we are looking so forward to seeing you guys!

  3. Hi Patricia. I just stumbled across your blog while tag surfing tonight. I probably should have been doing several other things, but now I’m glad I wasn’t. 🙂 It was really neat and encouraging to see (on your about us page) how your family ministers as a team. Saying a few prayers for your trip. Look forward to hearing about it!

    Oh yeah – You mentioned PDX…are you a fellow Northwesterner or just passing through?

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