Safe and sound in Bolivia

Hola Muchachos!

Here is a little update on my latest travel adventure.  After 20 hours of travel, we rolled into our hotel room at 4:00 am this morning.  Then we got up and left the hotel at 8:30 am to head to the Compassion Church.  OOhh did that feel good!   But the sunshine, and the nice breeze on this 80 degree day, was refreshing.  Santa Cruz is beautiful.

I am very excited about my week; I am going to be taking a Spanish emersion language class with the most skilled teachers around.

And here are my teachers.

Meet Paula, Karen, Gina, and Izzy.

They have agreed to take me on as their student.  They will teach me, they will refine me and then they will be grading me on how well I do.  They are also my new best friends while I am away from home missing my own girls and husband.  We have bonded, so I will be in their hands for the week, and I think I will be just fine.  They have also invited me to learn to dance with them.  I am pretty much in their hands to be molded and made new.  Come Friday, I may be a whole new person.

I had a nice nap this afternoon; this will help me stay awake until it’s truly bedtime.  I am going to need my sleep to prepare for my classes tomorrow.

I am now heading to the pool in my new Bolivian bathing suit.  This is an entirely different story, but one I must save until I have all my wits about me. So I will spare you the details regarding my new bathing suit.

Anyway, all is well, and I am safe and sound.

Thanks for your prayers!

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