Sonrisa and other Spanish words I don’t know.

For the last year, I was pronouncing it all wrong.  I was saying something like,” Sandrisa.”

While trying to use one of my nifty-fifty words of Spanish, this one word wasn’t quite translating for me.  I would say it over and over again, and kids all around the world (because I like to speak Spanish all over the world), would give me a puzzled look.  Eventually, they would give me the results I wanted, but only after I  did handstands and acted like an ape.  However, I continually said, “sandrisa,” because nobody corrected me…until this last week.

Last Saturday, in a little crash course of Spanish at our church, I said it again, “Sandrisa.”.

And then my husband made fun of me (all in love of course).  Apparently, the right word is “Sonrisa.”  Smile.

Ok… I was a bit off.  It only took a year to figure it out.

Today, I decided to use my new and improved Spanish word while here in the Dominican Republic.  I saw this little girl, and instantly decided to try it out.

“Sonrisa.” I said enthusiastically.

So, this is what I got.   Ok…it was not quite the “Sonrisa”  I was looking for, but that is ok.

But when I said it to her….


I  got this in return, so I started feeling more confident with my new Spanish word…even if she looks a little…strained.

But the more I said it…

The more and more they did it!Until finally, I knew I had succeeded!

“Sonrisa, sonrisa, sonrisa!”

I love this word!  I love these smiles.

The children of the Dominican Republic are stunning to say the least, and I am happy that I now know 51 words of Spanish.


Not sure about the red tongues though!

6 Comments on “Sonrisa and other Spanish words I don’t know.

  1. This is a hilarious post. It made me well…sonrisa a lot.

  2. I just sponsored a 16 year old girl from the Dominican Republic earlier this month. I just wrote her my first letter. The smiles are absolutely beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful children. Thank you so much for caring.

  4. What beautiful smiles!!

    I had to laugh when I saw where the post was headed, I can comiserate. I am in Ecuador right now on my third trip to an orphanage and while I speak a few more words of Spanish, I always have kids laughing at me and my attemts at spanish. Sometimes I say something for weeks before someone tells me that I have been saying something else entirely.

    Praying for you that all of those smiling faces are filling you up with hope, joy, and peace that comes from God.

  5. You mean, “Say queso” didn’t work??? Are you kidding me? No wonder I had such a hard time in Bolivia. I needed to know your NEW WORD!!!

    Beautiful pictures : ) Praying for you!

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