The Homecoming

Saturday morning, July 2


I woke up this morning with the energy and joy that could blast a rocket into space.  At 6 am this morning, I was exuberantly telling everyone on the Hampton shuttle bus, headed to the Atlanta airport, that I was going home.  I probably made those “non-morning folks” a little annoyed, but I could not contain my emotions.  After 7 weeks of traveling, after 35000 miles, 3 countries, 2 moon cycles, 42 days, and then a final night of 9 hours of sleep, I am ready to celebrate home.  Home home home!

God has been so good to me.  In fact, as I write this, I cannot contain my tears of joy.  I am overwhelmed, excited, and beside myself with just how good He has been to me.  He has watched over me like a Father.  He has held me in His love, He has covered me with grace, he has given me the endurance, the patience, the love and the joy that I have needed to travel hard and in difficult circumstances.  In the times when I was lonely, he came to me with warmth and comfort.  When I was frustrated or when something went wrong, he answered all my prayers.  When I was anxious, he gave me peace.  He blessed me over and over.  I love my job!

He revealed himself to me.  I have seen God in the eyes of children.

Christ has touched me through the little arms of children that wrapped me up and kissed my cheek.
He kept me healthy with the food that He provided.  He showed me how to trust him in moments when I didn’t know how things would turn out   He gave me patience when I had difficult moments and when things weren’t perfect.  He gave me a broken heart for those he loves, those who live in desperate poverty.  He showed me His grace as I saw those who have nothing give and give and give and share what they have.

In the middle of all my travel, I cried one night when I missed my family…and then God brought comfort through quiet words.  “Patricia, I am with you.  You are my child and I love you.”  I heard Him quietly speak.

God is our strength.  Sometimes in this life we have trials, we have troubles, we have difficulties, but God is our strength. It’s easy to trust other things, but these things are temporary.  These things go away, but God travels with us always.

As I head home today, I am bubbling over with so much excitement.  I will be home for a while, and my next trip is with my family and my church in August.  What a blessing!

Last night, as I was lying in my bed, I thought about the excitement of going home.  I was reminded that one day, we will find our ultimate home in a place where I will meet up with the saints and servants that I have spent the last 7 weeks with.  I will see those children from Philippines, and meet up with my possy of girls from Bolivia, and I will hold the hands of my little friends from the Dominican Republic.  We will sing and dance and share the feast together and we will worship the King of Kings. There will be no more hunger,

…or tears or sadness, and no more blistered feet, or lice, or sickness. There will be no more open sewage or garbage in the streets.  The bellies of those who eat so little, will be filled, and for those who give so much and have so little, they will walk along the streets of gold.   And the river of life…oh that river will bring us joy.  We will dive into the river, and we will find clean water that will fill us up, and we will thirst no more.  No more cholera, diarrhea, malaria and aids. No more orphans.  No more goodbyes.  And the light will shine brightly as Christ the King fills Heaven with all His glory.


Oh death where is your sting?

Oh hell, where is your victory?


Shouldn’t we be excited for this glorious day? It will be a homecoming that we cannot imagine.

And today, I celebrate my homecoming here on earth.  I shall feast on the love of family and comforts of a warm shower and beautiful home, filled with tremendous happiness.  Amen!

Sunday Morning July 3rd

I made it home!

Yesterday, I had a great day with my family.  We went out with some friends and played on jet skis, came home and had a wonderful dinner.  About 8pm though, Isabel started to throw up.  I spent all last night waking up every hour with her as she dealt with this stomach flu.  Uggg!  I was just happy I was home to help, but I didn’t quite get the night sleep I was looking for.  The life of a mother!  Anyway, she is feeling better this morning, but it was quite a homecoming!




3 Comments on “The Homecoming

  1. Hope you are rested and Isabel feeling better. Please tell her that Trinity will be collecting socks at VBS in two weeks. 250 to 300 kids are coming so who knows what we will end up with. Wanted to make sure I know where to send them since you guys are traveling so soon. It was a joy to follow your journey last week. I look at the posts with a different set of eyes since Bolivia. I hope we journey together again sometime.

    Jennifer Carden

  2. Welcome home world traveler! Thank you for sharing-such a powerful post. Love it. Hope Isabel is on the mend, too.

  3. welcome home and thank you for sharing your faith and your journey.

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