Photo favorites and happy moments

I have been soaking up home and simply loving it after all my travels. Summer!  Awwww!!!

I love the warm nights, the sunshine, the fresh vegetables and time with my girls and my husband.  I have even enjoyed the emotional, irrational  and ridiculous behavior of three teen age girls.  Home is like diving into a cold pool on a hot day.  Refreshing, shocking, exciting.

Anyway, in the midst of enjoying this week at home and catching up, I was organizing and looking through all my pictures from over the past few weeks.  While, I have many photos of children in far off lands, there are some pictures that I simply love…and not because of any deep or spiritual reason.  They simply make me happy.

For example.  I love this picture.  He is smiling! This was taken at the zoo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia when I was with my sponsored child.

I love this picture because this little guy has a great style.  I love the pants!  My grandpa wore his pants like this.   Awesome buddy!

I took his picture in the zoo in the Philippines.  He looks like he has something to say.

Our 4th of July dance party.   Pure fun!  Family…my sister, my daughters, my in laws and music!

And who doesn’t love a picture of a cute puppy.  This is Levi.  He loves cheese.

And of course I couldn’t claim a favorite photo unless he is involved.  Summer nights with my man!

And my final picture is of our tree next to our house, and the sun poking through.  Isabel took this one, and it makes me happy because I look at this tree every night at dinner. I love how she captured the rays.

Sometimes it fun just to go through pictures. It is good to remember, even the funny little things.

So, if you are up to it, email me a favorite photo that just makes you happy and why, and next week I will post it!

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