Aggressive anacondas and other items

I couldn’t do this without them.  I couldn’t leave my home and travel the world if it wasn’t for my family and friends.

“Are Anacondas aggressive?”

This was the question I asked my 16 year old daughter who seems to know most everything these days.  With comfort in her voice she replied, “Only when provoked, Mom.”

“Good, I don’t plan on provoking any snakes.” I said with a laugh. She knows how much I hate snakes.

Just this morning Gracie asked, “Now Mom, where are you going again?”

“Ecuador. I am going into the mountains and the jungle and I get to ride the canoes on the Amazon.”

“Of course you do Mom, of course,” she replied with envy in her voice and a smile on her face.

At church today our pastor made me stand up. “Patricia, your off to Ecuador.”

“Yes,” I replied.

He put his hand on my shoulder and prayed for me, and as he prayed, he became passionate, and his voice quivered with emotion as he prayed for the children of Ecuador to hear about Jesus.

Then, this afternoon Isabel, Stephen and I drove over to our storage unit where all the shoes are stored for  Isabel and I carefully picked out the right shoes for kids in Ecuador.  We picked out some boots for the kids who live in the highlands, and we picked out some tiny little tennis shoes for the babies in the Amazon.  I can’t wait.

On the home front, the family is good.  I think my girls would have preferred that I wasn’t leaving so soon after my India trip, but Steve has it handled, and the girls are passionate for the mission of Compassion.  Plus, my mom is making chicken potpie for the family on Wednesday night as per Gracie’s request, and Steve has all the meals planned and a schedule in place for the rest of the week.  Steve would have been a great homemaker if it weren’t for his job in marketing with Compassion.  Love that man!  I love that he can handle it while I am away.

So, I am off to Ecuador in the wee hours of the morning and Julia, my teenage daughter, will be driving me at 3:45 am to the airport.  Surely this will be the start of the great adventure!  I am hoping that she can keep at least one eye open for the drive.

Tonight, I feel so blessed.  I am so VERY blessed to have a family and community of people who love and care for me, and care for what I do.  I am blessed to have this opportunity to travel with such amazing people.

It’s going to be a good trip and it’s good to know I leave behind people who love and support me, and I am grateful.

3 Comments on “Aggressive anacondas and other items

  1. It’s beautiful seeing the variety of posts going up around this trip. Peace to all of you! 🙂

  2. I’ll be praying for you and all God has for you this week. I cannot wait to read along.

  3. Praying for you all as you go – traveling mercies, rest, strength, good people connections (and travel connections, too). Thank you for so faithfully keeping us in the loop, all of us out here in cyberland who travel vicariously through your blogposts. May God’s grace flow freely in, through and around you all!

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