Female Friday- Broken things.

It has been one of those months.  The garage door broke =$230, the car needed repairing =$600, and the car insurance is due =$900.  Ouch.  Did I mention Christmas?  It’s been a painful month of broken things, and I am thankful we had some financial reserve.  The timing of it all wasn’t so good with Christmas, but at this point I just have to be ok because we still have jobs and we still have a plethora of gifts under the Christmas tree.

But you know what is worse than a broken garage door and a broken car?

A broken spirit.

This last week one of my daughter’s dealt with a situation that left her feeling a little broken, and friends, the Mama Bear in me came out in her defense as I had to deal with a bullying situation at school.  But last night, I saw a miracle and can I just say this?  God’s timing is perfect.

Just when my daughter doubted herself and her talent, God lifted her spirit and reminded her of her gifts.  Last night, in front of about 500 people, a teacher praised my daughter in a most honorable way for her gifts and talents.  The very thing my daughter doubted herself in.

The timing was so perfect; I cannot deny the hand of God.

He is faithful.  He loves us.  He mends us.  He heals us.  He fixes us.  And His timing is perfect.

It takes money to fix a garage door, but it takes God to fix a broken spirit.

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