The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

We visited a church sandwiched between a Hindu neighborhood and a Muslim neighborhood. The children were just alive with the love of Christ, you could see it in their smiles. I was on the face painting team for the day, and what a blessing to be able to see each kid’s smiling face as I make them in to a tiger (a generous title). One little girl, after I painted her face, grabbed my head and kissed my cheek. My heart melted many times that day. I also met a girl who, with her friends, played a wrist cutting game, to see who could cut more. My heart broke many times that day.

In the midst of all this joy and pain, in a little home about a 5 minute walk from the church lives the most beautiful girl in the world.

Her name is Rubina. Her brother is a sponsored child and so we were brought to his home. Our group crouched through the 4 foot tall door into their mud walled, thatch roofed home and we were stunned that such beauty could live in a place like this. She smiled with love and greeted me with a “Hello sister!” She could take anyone’s breath away with her smile alone.

Her father spoke, he began to tell us his testimony. He told us that while working, he fell off of something and became paralized. The doctors told him they couldn’t help him. For 6 months he was paralyzed. His son then went to the Compassion project and asked the staff to pray over his dad. The staff went to his home and prayed over his father. The dad said, I then believed in Jesus and I was healed. It took six months to fully heal, but he knew it was Jesus that healed him.

We asked him what struggles their family faced, and he explained that their roof leaked because it was made of thatch. They wanted an asbestos roof instead. Rubina smiled as he told his story.

Among all of this hardship, this beautiful girl could smile and say that one day she would be a bank manager, and her brother would be a computer engineer.

I struggled with how this beautiful creation of God could live in a home without a proper roof. How she could stand and say, in perfect English, that she would not only be a banker, but manage the bank. She dreamed sky high while surrounded by complete darkness, and told by her culture’s religion that she was worthless.

Why was I allowed to be born in the United States? Why were His plans for me to live in the US, instead of Rubna? I doubt I will ever know.

We asked the father what we could pray for. He, without hesitation said, “Spiritual growth. We must grow in our relationship with Jesus. After that, God will take care of the rest of things like the roof and other needs.” I can only pray that I have half of the faith that that family has, and dream half as much as that beautiful girl.

5 Comments on “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

  1. Dear Julia,
    My prayer has been that you will see, hear and learn what God has for you. Your words are helping me see, hear and learn what God has for me. Thank you. I love you.
    G. Sandra

  2. Your wonderful heart is shining again, Julia! Can’t wait to hear more details!

  3. We miss you Julia, can’t wait to hug you…
    Love Alyssa & Tracie

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