Female Friday – The Feast

Last night, we celebrated our final dinner together for a couple of weeks.   My girls leave for a retreat tonight, they get home late Sunday night, and then I leave for Ethiopia on Monday morning.  It’s bitter sweet.  Everyone is excited about what they are doing, but saying goodbye and separating is the hardest part.

We gathered around the table and had a nice meal that we had prepared together. ( I like the potato and broccoli dish that Isabel designed.)

You know… there are times I fail as mom…miserably.

There are times my three girls fight and make me crazy.

There are times Steve and I argue.

There are times I grow frustrated.

There are times of stress, and anxiety and days I am way too busy for my own good.  But something seems to happen at night when we sit down to gather around a meal at this table.   (Please notice the girl scout cookies in the upper right hand corner that have been invited to the table).

And then we say grace for what He has given us and we pray for those who are in need.

Isaiah 25:6
6 “And the Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain; a banquet of aged wine, choice pieces with marrow, and refined, aged wine.

We are grateful for the feast!!

        ( BTW -we eat more then Girl Scout cookies such as protein and vegetables!!)

Certainly there are times we argue at this table, and there are tears; but other days there is so much laughter and fun…like when we eat chocolate fondue.

Yes, we kiss at this table and often I hold Isabel’s hand underneath the table because she always sits next to me.

The table is a spiritual place filled with stories of our lives and this table deserves credit.  I try to honor this table with beautiful meals, candles and place settings.  There is something to be said about dressing up a table for a feast to help set a mood!

Out of all my travels in the world here is my favorite spot.  You all know it.  I write about it frequently and I would say that every family needs a place like this where they commit to gathering.  This is the place where love happens and we are fed both in body and in spirit.

I will miss my table when I am gone.  I always think about it while I travel and I look forward to coming back and sitting in my chair.Preview

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