Female Friday: My head arrived yesterday

Ok…I admit it.  Mama has been crazy.  Not my mom, but me. I am speaking of me.  While I love to travel, it often takes me several days to come down off of a trip. I come home with the energy of a squirrel on caffeine and the adrenaline keeps pumping as if I were heading back to the Compassion project.  I wake up early and crash hard at night.   I feel antsy and I look for things to do.  I fear getting bored.

Then, there are the emotions.  I often think of the things I have seen and felt and I have to sort everything out.  Once the adrenaline wears down and the jet lag goes away and the emotions have been sorted, I feel flat-lined, not tired, not emotional, just sort of…flat-lined. To deal with the flat-line I start researching vacations to exciting places for my family that we can’t afford because…well…I love to travel.  Oh the crazy mama.

I have been home for  a week now and just today am starting to feel a bit normal.  The jet lag has dissipated and my email inbox is back to a reasonable state and the crazy lady is slowly leaving.  My husband always says a trip for me is longer then just the days I travel.  He often jokes to say it takes me a week for my head to come home.  It’s true, Mama was gone and now she’s home again.  My head flew in yesterday.  It’s good to have it back. Welcome home head, it’s nice that you have arrived.



One Comment on “Female Friday: My head arrived yesterday

  1. I understand when you’re talking about. When I got home from Guatemala it was 3am and when we running around our otherwise empty dorm playing Guatemalan drums. Coming back from Nicaragua I would forget where I was. Every time I zone out I’d start speaking Spanish and gaze off at mountains that weren’t really there.

    Welcome home. We’re glad your brain made it too!


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