There Is No Hurry

Golf is a game I love to hate, but it has provided Stephen and I an activity we can enjoy together.   I love how relaxing it is to be outside in a quiet space and the fun of hitting a good shot.  However, the game requires time, patience, and self-control.  There are times I do want to throw my club across the grass and cuss.  Just being honest.

Yesterday, we had the chance to get out into the sunshine and play this irritating game. Our two golf companions, Les and Ed, where both seniors citizens that joined our game (this often happens when you only have 2 players).  I usually get really nervous when people I don’t know join our game because I am not very good and I like to chat.  Typically, you’re supposed to be quiet on the golf course, so having others join the game takes away the opportunity for me to talk my husbands ear off.  I am guessing he doesn’t mind it though.

I enjoyed watching Les play the game.  He must have been around 80 and he was dressed in high water pants (white socks), and a buttoned up shirt tucked into his hiked up pants, belted just below the chest. Les was a skinny, frail man who moved awkwardly, however, he could hit a ball perfectly.  “I can’t hit it as far as I use to,” Les said with a little disappointment in his voice.

For some reason, on hole two, I started thinking about CPR. Stephen once had to do CPR on a guy at the golf course who later ended up dying, which had nothing to do with his ability to administer CPR.  It was just his time to go…and probably a pretty good way to die. Woops, I got sidetracked.

So… we were out on the course yesterday, and I was feeling hurried and anxious.  When you aren’t very good, you feel like you are holding everyone up.  That was me yesterday, I was holding everybody up.  I was hitting terrible when Les (80 year old high water man), gently said, “Patricia, there is no hurry.”

At that point, I relaxed, concentrated, and played the best game I had ever played.

There is no hurry.  These were the words I needed to hear from an 80 year man on the golf course.

We live in a fast paced culture, and it’s tempting to live this lie that we must rush to get it all done.  But doesn’t God provide us with the time needed to get the things done that He wants us to do?   Possibly slowing down to be in relationship has lost its priority in our culture, and we try to achieve so many tasks we miss precious moments with people.  Possibly we fill our free time with meaningless activities that rob us of true living, and we have bought this lie that everything needs to be fast and instant.

If we are too rushed to live, we will miss the beauty along the way.

There is no hurry.

The next time the food takes too long at a restaurant, just remember Les’ words.

There is no hurry.  Then look around at those you are with, and enjoy your time.

The next time the plane is delayed, remember Les’ words.

There is no hurry.  You will get there and the timing will be perfect.

And the next time you want to bake a cake, make it by scratch.

There is no hurry.  It will taste so much better then out of a box.

And finally, if you are the worst player on the golf course,

there is no hurry.  Just enjoy the company.

5 Comments on “There Is No Hurry

  1. I had a similar experience with an older gentleman giving me that sage advice recently, except he said it like this as i was hurrying to finish up and be out of his way, “my dear, if i were in a hurry, i would have come yesterday”….i thought it was brilliant!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to just slow down and enjoy life. There is no hurry.

  3. My life was changed when a friend of mine who has been fighting cancer for 17 years said to me, “Don’t rush your life away.” Thank you for the enjoyable posts.

  4. I felt like Les said that directly to me.
    It speaks volumes……and is an excellent reminder.
    It brought tears to my eyes……… Holy Spirit talk.

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