Female Friday – Living With Your Mistakes

In a non-perfect world it’s impossible to be perfect no matter how hard I try.

I have to remind myself that making mistakes is a normal part of life and coping with my errors requires grace upon thy self.

Twitter – I am the worst with typos. Just the other day, in response to a friend making a comment about Portland being another planet, I said, “Yes, Planet Potlandia.”   Later realizing that I missed a crucial “r”. (Yet, fitting when you think about it).

On my blog posts, I tend to mix up words.  Utter instead of udder.  One belongs to a cow.  In life it’s the same way.  I’ll forget about something in the oven or I will delete an important document.  I will accidentally back into my other car while coming out of the driveway.

I think I made one of my most memorable mistakes recently when on one of my trips, while delivering shoes for Shoesforkids, I left a personal garment in the shoe bag, and when we were dispersing the shoes, my personal garment was accompanying the shoes.  My quick hand grabbed it, but this did not stop me from feeling the heat of embarrassment.   I’m still forgiving myself for this one!!  These are the moments I say, “Why me?”

Am I the only one that has these moments?  Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person?  Or worse … have you sent a text to someone you thought was your husband only to find out you sent it to your mother-in-law?

I feel like I have these moments more than the average person.   I have learned to laugh at myself, but there are times that hiding under a rock sounds better.  Is this God’s way of keeping me humble?

Did Jesus ever spill anything on Himself?

Steve says I just need to slow down…he is right.  I get moving too fast and those are the moments…the very moments that personal garments get mixed up with shoes and texts go out to the wrong person.  S…L…O…W… D…O…W…N, take a deep breath, then press send!  Say this three times now and spin around.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I can claim perfection.   I have to accept the things I cannot change and forgive myself for my little mishaps and embarrassing moments, the stains in my clothes, the dent in the car, the cat in the garage door (long story), and the sent texts that you can’t take back. But God loves me anyway, and often I just have to remind myself that it’s going to be ok.  After al,l our best mistakes often become our greatest stories. We can’t expect perfection in an imperfect world.

One Comment on “Female Friday – Living With Your Mistakes

  1. You need a long vacation! Give your self a break woman. I have never seen anyone as busy as you are. Keep up the great work you do. Mary in NY

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