Love Travels

Through all the complex navigation of life, through the fights, the laughter, the fun, flat tires, travel sickness, food, sibling rivalry, tears, frustration, excitement, fun, silliness, amazing meals, deep conversation, and the sense of adventure…love travels.

Isabel turned 13 this week and we had a beautiful celebration with our family. On birthday celebrations in the Jones family, we have a tradition where each family member shares with the birthday person what we love about them.  As we each shared with Isabel what we loved about her, Isabel’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. I pray she soaks in all the words of life, because this little woman of God is a precious gift.

Tomorrow we head out for our spring break vacation.  Last year it was Paris and Italy, and this year it’s the mountains.

I will admit, I have been reminiscing of our trip last year remembering all the feelings and amazing moments we had as a family as we traveled and visited the City of Lights and the Amalfi Coast. After all, who wouldn’t find Paris and Italy a pretty amazing family vacation? Last year, on Isabel’s birthday we stood at the base of the Eiffel tower at night and watched the evening light show. That was pretty cool!

It’s time together…and love travels through time and place, age and adventures.  Sometimes we live through difficulties and wrestle through the challenges ahead, and other times we squeal with joy as we experience the most beautiful moments together.

My girls are all teenagers now, and my time with them, my time parenting, grows short. This doesn’t mean that my relationships are ending; on the contrary, it’s just beginning, because one day I might possibly hold their babies because it’s family.  It’s a gift to behold, and to find precious.  It’s one of the most precious gifts that God has given me on this earth.  As a parent, I want my girls to have every opportunity to discover the best friend that exists within their sisters.  I will take them to the edge of the mountain strapped with skis, or into the woods as they complain about the strenuous hike, or to the African Savannah with monkeys dancing on their tent under a starlit night, just so they can see how this love travels and recognize who stands next to them in the adventures of life.

The damage comes when we take advantage of these precious relationships and we don’t drop our stupid pride to pursue grace and forgiveness on the bad days, or take advantage of the moment to speak words of life on the good days.

We only get one opportunity at this…life.  I want to do it well.

2 Comments on “Love Travels

  1. Wow she has grown so fast, dont blink now! Just so you know, while my boys (3) fought often as youngsters, as they grow older 30, 25, & 21 now, they are best of friends, they don’t always agree on stuff, but I love to see them all together now and the bond that is there. Same as when I grew up, sisters fought like crazy (poor mama) & now have a special bond. Maybe it’s because I live 3000 miles away, hummm.

  2. Wow……….that’s Isabel? she looks so much like Julia.

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