Quito, coffee and quiet

I am looking out my window watching the rain come down enjoying my view of the mountains that surround me. What a beautiful city Quito is, even in the rain. While I sit and sip my amazing South American coffee, I have a few hours alone to burn and reflect before 27 ladies show up to join me. You know, each trip is different, each group has unique dynamics, and each place has its adventures.

I went to the grocery store earlier today with our staff. Seemed so normal with all the same products…of course until I went by the meat department. Along with the normal meat, they sold tongue, stomach lining, hoofs and other parts I couldn’t quite identify by color or texture. This reminded me of how weird we are in America that we don’t utilize the entire cow. Oh…I know some people do utilize more of the cow, and of course hot dogs are legendary for this, but you don’t usually see all this variety in the grocery store in America, just boring hamburger, t-bones and roasts. Nothing cool like cow hoofs. It’s funny how finicky we are with food, and if we don’t grow up eating it, it’s hard to imagine eating it.

I am thankful today  to have this chance to come early and work in the Compassion office with our amazing staff, sit quietly in front of a window, look at the mountains, and enjoy this city. It’s good to prepare my mind and my heart for what is to come. I love watching God work through these trips.

Tomorrow is truly when the fun begins as we head out to meet the beautiful children that are sponsored through Compassion, so stay tuned!

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