The Life of a Little Dog

The little old dog with the short, stubby legs and the long body is moving quite slow.  Little Delilah, in her 12th year of life, is having issues.  Monday, while on a run, she completely passed out, eyes rolled back in her head, shaking and convulsing. Since Monday, she has been dealing with the loss of control of her muscles and limbs and sometimes she walks around on three legs unable to control the forth leg, then she will sit and shake and pant. It’s so sad.

Today, she is better, however, she is looped up on the drugs that we got from the vet.  The vet said the pills will control the seizures but it’s only a matter of time.  She said that our dog might have a tumor of some sort to bring this kind of thing on.

Yesterday, my girls were in a puddle of tears as they held the little dog.  We thought she was dying.  I was doing fine with the entire thing, trying to be the strong mom with the reasonable mind, but then I looked into her little sweet eyes and had memories of the first days we got her.  My children giddy, Isabel a small preschool child, Grace and Julia just little girls. It’s funny how dogs weave into our history and memories. Every dog that I have owned represents a different period in my life.   So, my strong mom act, was followed by snot dripping snorts of blubbering ugly cry.

Today she sits in the sun with the wind blowing her floppy ears around.  She seems happy. I am guessing from the drugs. It’s a simple life for dog.

Pets are a sweet gift from God.  They are little luxuries in life.  I do love the creatures for the comfort and companionship they provide.  It’s always hard to think about letting go.  Hopefully we have a little longer with this sweet girl.

5 Comments on “The Life of a Little Dog

  1. My little terrier just turned 13– he’s still pretty active but each day is a reminder he’s getting older and I’m dreading the day when he passes away.

  2. I too share your thoughts on our family pets. Your sweet sentiments and way with words brings a momentary tear to my eye as I think about the pet family we have lost. And the memories and live they brought to us. We now have two Schnauzers and love them dearly. My heart is with you as you love on your sweet dog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We lost our dog last summer, ten months after we thought we were going to lose her. It was hard, but we cherished every extra moment we got with her. My family of three girls hurts for yours.


  4. I know what you are dealing with our ‘buddies’ are all seniors, My cat is 14 years old, my dog is 13 my husbands dog is 16 and he is the one failing, he is losing his eyesight, his back legs are giving in often, he has been on prednisone and eye drops we thought we would be putting him down a month ago then the meds perked him up. Our old black dog is slowing down and it is very hard to watch.
    I do believe these will be our last ‘animals’ as we head into retirement.
    grief does come in small ‘sessions’.
    God be with you.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your dog. My dog is 10 years old and she has slowed down a lot, and every day with her is a gift. Hang in there and I hope you and your family have more time with your beautiful dog.

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