The Proposal

The dark days are over in the Northwest as the sun makes its Spring appearance.  Grace, my middle daughter, flutters around like a butterfly transformed by the sun, annoying her sisters  with her complete happiness and whimsy.

She sings a song in her soul of innocence and beauty; she is the buttercup of cheer.  Her 15th birthday lingers around the corner and she presents us with a proposal for the birthday party. It’s much bigger than Steve and I anticipated so we tell her to be more reasonable and size it down.   She brings us this proposal.

Oh friends how does she do this?  How does she get there? Only a creative mind can find the space, color and creativity to make this appeal to the parents.  With giggles she presents this, lays her head on the table with her funny little snorts and giggles, laughs some more, then walks away in delight (with a little bounce in her step).

We are left with the proposal only to decide if we should let her invite 12, 7, 5 or 2 friends to her birthday.

She makes me laugh,  and I find her as beautiful…more beautiful than spring.

One Comment on “The Proposal

  1. she reminds me of my middle daughter..ha!
    I love how you write about your daughters, the last few posts have so touched me.

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