In the Midst of Summer Crazy

I have been grinding away at my work this week with Compassion.  The fall is crazy with trips and it brings a sense of excitement,  fun, and bewilderment to life.  I am at the point of pure surrender of what I am to do, because daily, it seems to change.  One moment, I am going to Uganda, and the next, I’m going to Haiti and the next moment I am being a mother and wife trying to juggle career, ministry, travel and home. I am willing to go wherever and do whatever God calls, but it is a little crazy.   I have set my boundaries, because I know that my family needs me home too. Thank goodness my family supports me.  Thank goodnes I have a great boss.  Thank you God that I have a fabulous man I am married to.

Next week we are on VACATION. I can’t wait.  Give me a V!!!!

So, our next vacation is  to….(drum roll please) Disneyland.  My girls have been to Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, but they have not done the magical world of Disneyland.  And though I rebelled against it for years,  I am surrendering because this is what is before us (and Zane King got us free tickets for two days into the park).    Along with Disneyland, we will be checking out two colleges for Julia (which makes me feel old and quite emotional at the idea of my child living away from me).  I can’t believe my daughter will go to college in a year.

I have no words tonight as I face the coming days, because what can one say when going off to the” happiest place on earth”. However, if you were in the room with me, you would hear me singing “It’s a small world after all.”
Blessings to you all!  This is the JONESBONES5 update!  How is your summer going?????








2 Comments on “In the Midst of Summer Crazy

  1. Hey, I saw your sister for her birthday and my daughter who will start college is going to the the community college and I hope will live at home for a little bit longer. She got to ride Loki while we were in Imnaha.

  2. Enjoy Disney! Yes this weekend I helped my 30 YO son pack all his belonging, he is moving 3000 mile away from me and my heart is heavy. It never ends with the kids, she’ll go to college, then get married & move away, just like I did years ago.

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