From the Baby in my Arms to Becoming an Embassador – When Children Have BIG Dreams

Summer is flying by and I am trying to catch a breath.

Last week we were in Southern California with the girls. We had an awesome time visiting Disneyland and and exploring the beaches. My girls were like little princesses all over again in the wonderland of Disney as “their dreams really did come true.” As for me, I about wet my pants on this ride.

Southern California is a crazy place, and in some weird way it kind of reminds me of India because there are so many people and a sense of desperation in the crowd.  Maybe it’s the ultra materialism and the need to be someone. Surely it’s not the poverty, though we didn’t go into “the hood”.  Possibly it’s the vivid colorful sites, sounds and smells you see in this place and variety of people everywhere.

This is not Steve


We had a lot of fun though.

Julia visited a couple colleges while we were down there.  I don’t particularly like the idea of her being two states away, but the girl has dreams, and somehow I have to believe God has plans to use those dreams to bring Him Glory.  The idea of her going off to college in a year is surreal, scary, and a bit traumatic, but I am excited for her because she is so darn smart.  I can’t wait to see where God takes her.

My girls are growing up, and as they grow, their talents blossom…and I sit back in amazement.  Today, Julia shared this with me. She wrote this for a scholarship.

 Dreams by Julia

 Dreams are like cars; you use a car to reach a destination, much like you use a dream to reach your goals. When we’re young, we go through the process of picking out our first car; we go through the lot of them trying to find the one that suits our fancy. We don’t have to think through where it will take us, how reliable it will be, or how much it will cost. All we know is that we want it. As we get older, and start to back out of the driveway, and point that car toward our destination, those questions start to weigh on us, is this really the car for me? Will it take me where I want to go? Does it cost too much? Everyone has a dream, some have smart car-sized dreams, they don’t cost much and are very reliable. But others, like myself, have hummer-sized dreams. My dream is taking me to the United Nations to become an ambassador; I want to be a recognized and respected voice in the struggles of nations, I want to be a voice for those who’s dreams seem unreachable. Unfortunately, hummer-sized dreams are gas-guzzlers and my fuel could run dry halfway to my goal. This scholarship could help me take that first step toward my goal, taking me right to the nearest freeway heading for prelaw school. This scholarship is the fuel I need to begin my long road trip toward changing the world. 

 Praying for a few scholarships to supplement the cost of her wanting to be a law student.  Here we go!

2 Comments on “From the Baby in my Arms to Becoming an Embassador – When Children Have BIG Dreams

  1. Your Julia is definitely going to be going places, what an incredible piece of writing for a young girl and how fantastic that she has such grand and noble dreams. Praying with you all the way that she will be granted this scholarship as the first step to their fulfillment!

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