The Secret to Adventure

We made it past the Mayan calendar apocalyptic end of the world prediction, and laughed as we did it, while on a mountain skiing in 50 mile an hour winds.DSC_0791

We shut out the world of stress.
We let go of work.
We ate lots of food.
We enjoyed family.DSC_0800 (1)

Steve and I celebrated today because our teenage girls could finally keep up with us on the ski slopes after years of investing in lessons and endless tears (not our tears) while teaching them to ski. We are now on the verge of learning to keep up with them without killing ourselves.DSC_0817 (1)

Three days until Christmas, and all my usual… and unusual routine of life has washed away with the current situation of Vacation (with a capital V because it’s so good).

It’s hard to think forward into the future of what is to come with travelling to Bangladesh in less than two weeks for me, while Steve ventures off to Kenya (both trips for Compassion), then traveling to the Peruvian Amazon and Machu Picchu with our girls in just a month.  My world is so outrageous, that sometimes I forget how normal the outrageous has become, and then I can only bow down in gratitude to God for allowing the outrageous to occur in my ordinary world.  I am never bored.

Yet, we are like every other family. We have our struggles, our tears, and our fights.  What carries us through all the struggles is the adventure of it all. It’s the walk of faith that God has put before us.

The true secret to the adventure is…saying YES!

Not saying yes to the world, but saying yes to God.

It’s saying yes even when you doubt yourself.

It’s saying yes the next time you are tempted to let fear tell you “no”.

It’s saying yes to the impractical of what God calls of you to, the next time you are tempted to be practical.

It’s saying yes when you think things are impossible.

It’s saying yes when you fear snakes. (This one is for me as I head back to the Amazon in a month).

It’s saying yes to the right things when the wrong things rob your time and heart.

It’s saying yes to the things that will help your relationships, even if the road might be hard and humbling.

It’s saying yes even if it means you have to be wrong.

It’s saying yes when you have a dream that God has put on your heart.

It’s saying yes to an experience that is uncomfortable.

It’s saying yes Lord, YES.

Yes, Lord, yes, I will follow you.

Let the adventure begin this Christmas!

One Comment on “The Secret to Adventure

  1. Steve and Patricia! Zane and I send our LOVE and Christmas blessings! We are so grateful for your heart and ministry and that you had a great Vacation! (I’m trying to talk Zane into trying skiing again Much love to you and yours. Zane and Donna King

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