Five Continents in Three Weeks – Are we Crazy?

“Get’ cha head in the game.  Get’cha… get’cha head in the game.”

This song from High School Musical has been playing in my head all day after getting on a plane this morning and landing in Washington DC for the night. Thank you Disney Channel for images of basketballs bouncing to the beat of the music while I imagine myself dancing down the court in my gym shorts. I seriously need to get my head in the game because January is here!

 My next flight leaves in the morning for Dubai, and some time in the next few days I will end up in Dhaka, Bangladesh (which borders eastern India and Burma). By the end, I will have traveled through 14 time zones, 12,000 miles and spent 22 hours on a plane, plus I will have spent a night in DC and six hours in Dubai. (Then I have to do the same for the way home).

In Bangladesh, I will be with a group of 11 to visit several Compassion projects in a remote area, and spend some time playing with beautiful kids. I love my job! I am looking forward to seeing what God is doing in this place. I have heard amazing things about Bangladesh and what a priviledge to go to a place I have never been.

This is quite the shift from my recent days of relaxing at home in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree while enjoying quiet music and Steve’s delicious cooking (and yes, you are on the A TEAM Stephen)!

While I travel over the next few days, Steve will be home with the girls, and then he leaves for Kenya with Compassion to take some artists and speakers to see the ministry. This is where Continent #3 and #4 come in. He will stop over in London first, then fly down to Nairobi.

So lets count it up. We have North America, then Asia, then Europe, the Africa…ok that is four continents.

The fifth and final continent of the month will be South America, and I can’t even begin to describe the excitement of this one because we have cashed in all those frequent flyer miles from last year and we are taking the girls on an adventure of a lifetime. It will be A…for AMAZING, B…for Beautiful and C…for Crazy. We are going to Peru to the Amazon then to Machu Picchu.

So, it is a crazy month, and tonight I am getting my head in the game.  It’s time to switch gears and seriously prepare my heart and my mind for Bangladesh.

January is here, and it came in like thunder.

Tonight it is quiet, and time for some prayer.

Tomorrow I am off to Bangladesh.

Missing my family but looking forward to adventures ahead.

Lots of thoughts.

Five Continents in three weeks, here we go! Follow along!


What I Know About Bangladesh.

Half of the country is covered by rivers and water.

It’s one of the largest Muslim countries of the world.

It’s the eighth most populated place on earth.

Almost half the population lives on less than a dollar a day.

Check out these facts.





5 Comments on “Five Continents in Three Weeks – Are we Crazy?

  1. Praying your trip is going so well! Sounds amazing! This is probably not the right place but I couldn’t figure out a better way to contact… You seem very connected in the blog world. My family and I are workers in the ME and I am desperately trying to use my blog to raise awareness and prayer support for the Syrian refugee crisis AND God is doing amazing things. Any advice on how to best connect would be so appreciated. Here’s the link to my blog entry from today:

  2. Wow! That sounds like a whole lot of fun. I’m actually jealous… Enjoy your time and love on some kids for me!

  3. Your blog has blessed my life. Praying for safe travels and God’s annointing!

  4. Patricia, Praying for you and God’s work. I took a trip to Peru, Amazon and Machu Picchu several years ago, flew into a village on the Amazon with the retired missionary from that villAge, amazing! That will be an amazing family trip!! Hugs, Judith Lowrey, Ecuador girl

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  5. Sounds like an incredible time you will be having this month! One day, I really hope to go on one of those Compassion trips!

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