My Beautiful Journey

It’s taken me a couple days to get a grip on life after traveling.  I slept 12 hours last night, which was exactly what I needed after traveling home from Bangladesh.  Yesterday morning, I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so my head was in a fog all day, but today I am feeling much better.

My trip to Bangladesh was amazing. DSC_1210 (1)  DSC_1222  DSC_1811 DSC_1028  DSC_1249  DSC_1485Before I tell you a little about it, I will first make a confession.

Before I left for this trip, I was feeling a bit of dread. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, but I was dreading leaving my family, worried about all the details of my job and dreading the long flight.

I spent 55 hours getting to Dhaka, Bangladesh, and then traveled up north to Saldpur, Bangladesh on a nifty little plane, then drove to a remote area to stay at a guesthouse with our team.  We spent four days off the grid in one of the farthest location I have ever traveled (I once traveled to and island in Indonesia years ago that seemed as far).

I had no choice but to let go and be a part of God’s plan.

God gave me peace.

With no distractions, with little Internet connectivity, with not much to do but be enjoy the team and the beautiful children, I found myself letting go of everything else. I let go of the anxiety; I let go of control and opened my eyes to what God is doing through Compassion in the lives of people in a remote village, where TV, cars and electricity are non-existent. DSC_1012

We walked the paths that led to homes built of straw and mud. It could have been 100 year ago because time didn’t matter in this place.DSC_1415

We traveled on the back of carts pulled by bicycles, pedaled by men who’s wages barely fed their family a meal a day. At one put, I sat on one of these carts with three others, while a man weighing less then 100 pounds, peddled the bike that pulled the cart. I humbly watched him and felt guilt that my well-fed body caused him to pedal harder. The image of his skinny little body, with his torn clothing, trying to pull us long, is an image I won’t forget. He worked so hard to feed his family.


Surrounded by lush fields, I was struck by the beauty in this place. A cold front from the Himalayas had come in, so it was freezing.DSC_1625 The poverty of people left them underdressed and unprepared, yet, in their generous spirit, they brought us blankets, and built us fires out of the hay they would have usually fed their cows with. DSC_1401We stayed warm and comfortable which in itself seemed wrong as I saw so many barefoot without enough warm clothing.

The poor reached their hands out to touch me, and the children lined up for kisses.  My hands were held warm by little ones who fought their way to my side. The children would move in so close to me that I could feel their breath. Their smiles and laughter was worth the 55 hours of travel, because once again, I felt the love of Christ through them all. It’s always overwhelming.DSC_1262


With this trip, I experienced true hospitality, love, and generosity.DSC_1520

I met the faithful, the humble and the meek. I met sacrificial believers, who have given their entire lives to advancing the great commission in order to reach people with the love of Christ.

I saw the face of God in the eyes and smiles of those who looked upon me, and I realized, that in this new year, I have another chance to serve Him better.   DSC_1229DSC_1287

If there was one word to describe this trip, the word that comes to my mind is…BEAUTIFUL.


8 Comments on “My Beautiful Journey

  1. I love seeing the beautiful children around the world.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the commentary on your trip. Such beautiful faces, colors and images. So grateful for Compassion’s ministry to these precious people.

  3. Thank you so much for traveling for 55 hours to look into their beautiful eyes and assure them that God loves them. And thank you for traveling 55 hours back to show that Compassion truly is making a difference in Jesus’ name, to tell us their stories, and show us their beautiful faces.

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful people, beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, Kala, the coats and hats were provided by Compassion as well as their shoes. It’s awesome!

  6. I love seeing all the kids in their winter coats and hats to stay warm. Were these provided to them by Compassion?

  7. Your blog always brings smiles and tears. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and amazing stories.

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