Why getting older is Awesome… (emphasis on the word awesome)

Maybe the word “awesome” is a bit of a stretch, however I am going to try to think on the bright side today.

The title I really wanted to use was, “Why getting older Sucks,” however, I thought that was too negative or maybe offensive. Then I thought about using, “Why Wrinkles and Varicose Veins are a Woman’s Delight,” but that seemed too happy and positive.

Before we go to the happy, bright side of aging, lets take a look at some of the fun challenges.

Today I went to the doctor. I had three pre-cancerous skin thingy’s frozen off, and another “plugged” or “plunged” (whatever word they use to extract a growth off your body for a biopsy). It’s funny, 25 years ago, when I was lifeguarding every summer and using tanning beds in the winter, I didn’t care what the future might hold for my pale white, freckled skin. Now, if I could just go back in time, and have a good talk with “me”, I might tell “me” to use sunscreen more and loose the tanning beds. I am paying the price for my youthful vanity and stupidity.

Then, this last December, I saw Dr. Sunshine (yes, this is his real name) who happens to be a surgeon. He sent me in for an ultra sound for my legs to check on my veins and see if there were any issues, such as clots.

Lets just say this two-hour ultrasound was so boring compared to when you get one during pregnancy.

After the ultrasound, Dr. Sunshine suggested to me that I should have my varicose veins removed. “Excuse me? Why would I do such a thing? After all, these varicose veins are the battle scars of motherhood.” Ok…I really didn’t really say that. Instead, I just listened to him explain the procedure while I marveled in the fact I was having this conversation.

I have yet to schedule the surgery by the way.

Let me go through some other fun things that happen with age.

Let’s talk about hair. Grey hair that is… not facial hair.

People often ask me where my children get their dark hair. “Their mother.” I reply.

I was once a brown-haired woman, but then it turned grey and then mysteriously it turned blonde. Imagine that! And by the way, I am grateful I don’t have facial hair. Just sayin.

Oh yes, and the weight gain. Apparently as you age, your metabolism slows down. This really ticks me off sometimes, because in my 20’s and 30’s I could seriously eat all I wanted. I use to teach fitness classes, which kept me in great shape. However, in my 40’s, I started getting injured more and more, so I had to give up teaching cardio kickboxing and cycling classes. I still exercise, but not quite as intensely. It’s much harder to keep weight off now and I can’t eat nearly as much as I use to.

And finally, lets talk of the chemical changes. Why did God create women to constantly change in the area of hormones and emotions? In the teen years, girls are simply crazy. They are emotional, mood swinging, bundles of joy. Trust me, I have three teenage girls. In our 20’s and 30’s we go through more changes with getting pregnant, having babies, postpartum, breast feeding, body changes, and sleep deprivation. In our 40’s and 50’s women get to go through this thing called menopause, which can also lead to mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes. Wow. I can’t wait!!

So basically, women spend a majority of their lives going through cycles of mood swings, body changes and emotions. Sorry, I don’t mean to generalize all women like this; I will just speak for myself, and my daughters…and my friends…and my friends’ daughters.  Tell me it gets better in the 60’s and 70’s.

Ok, lets move to the positive.

I love life. Y.O.L.O. – I got that from my teenagers. For those that are not up on acronyms or text language, it stands for You Only Live Once. I know life can be hard, and cruel, but at this point in my life, I am incredibly content and happier  than I was 10 years ago. I have learned to appreciate all that life has to offer and be thankful for the little things. So much of age is in the mind. I believe in,eating right, exercise, traveling, laughing a lot, being positive, living well, living out my faith, giving,  being adventurous, and doing the best with this shell of a body that God has given me. I still like style, I still like styling my hair, using makeup and feeling pretty. I refuse to let the world make me believe I have to look like I am 28 again but I like dressing up and presenting myself the best I can. Physical changes are going to happen, but I wouldn’t want to go backwards. I can’t explain that. It’s supposed to be this way.

Age has healed me of fear. I have spoken of this before, but I struggled in my past with anxiety and fear. I don’t know why exactly in my 20’s and 30’s I had so much anxiety, but again, with a little more life behind me, and a stronger faith before me, I have much more peace in life. I don’t have the fear I use to and this is a freeing feeling.

Age has wised me up.  I think I am a bit smarter than I use to be. Ok…not in math and science, but in life. There are certain things I don’t do anymore because I realize those things are dumb, and I react to stress, conflict and trials differently, hopefully better as I get older.

I guess it’s not so bad to age, plus  I seem to always look forward to the future. I just have to accept the physical properties of aging and be ok with it.

So who is the most beautiful, mature person you know and why?




5 Comments on “Why getting older is Awesome… (emphasis on the word awesome)

  1. One of the most beautiful mature women I know is Lee. She has beautiful skin and features, but her beauty is more profound than that. She and her husband are so dear and compassionate. It’s the compassion that is birthed from the fires of loss. They lost their toddler son years ago in a story that is too hard for them to retell in detail. All I know is that he went missing and was gone for at least one night before they found his little body in a creek near their house.

    They took their surviving children and moved away to start over. One Christmas Eve, after enjoying the evening with her in-laws the tree caught on fire. They had kids on every level of their three level house and the flames were so intense that their youngest daughter’s beautiful long hair was singed off as her father was running with her out of the house. The house burned to the ground, Everyone in it survived with psychological scars, but no physical burns.

    Her youngest daughter grew up into a beautiful young woman, deeply devoted to Christ. She decided to spend the millennial new year at a Christian camp in the hills. As she was driving a friend up to camp, her car went off the road and she lost her life. She was 19.

    I was visiting at their home one evening, several years after the accident and she was putting her family room back together after repainting it with her elder daughter. She had a nautical theme going and held a small anchor on various places on the wall, saying lightly, “I thought I’d hang this on the wall somewhere. .. Here, or maybe here… and then I thought maybe I’d have someone paint, ‘Our Anchor Holds’ above it.”

    If Lee tells me the anchor holds, the anchor holds.

  2. Had the varicose vein surgery. It’s not so terrible. Don’t get me wrong – there is a little pain involved, mostly discomfort, though but honestly? Once the things heal? You will be absolutely amazed at the difference in how you feel. I’m less tired, I can walk longer, stand longer, etc. My legs aren’t “tired” anymore, they don’t feel heavy or anything along those lines. Some of what feels better surprised me because I didn’t even realize before the surgery that it was bothering me. Go for it. Get it scheduled and done. A week or two of recovery and you’ll feel like a new you.

  3. Tried to leave a comment; but had a lot of trouble; maybe it’s my age. But the writing kept bouncing up and down.
    Interesting subject and lots to say, but maybe you’ve said enough. The big issue in my book is my teeth. I know have a bridge in my mouth and I wish I would have taken better care of my teeth.

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