The View from the Mountaintop


DSC_4508I finally made it to Bolivia after being delayed in Peru for a night…and I got to see my sponsored child Jeremy today! But first, let me tell you what has been going on in life.

I have had a few surprises, changes, and challenges to deal with lately above and beyond flight delays.

This last week, before I left to travel, I called my dear friend Karen in tears. I was broken. I poured out my womanly woes to her because I knew she would understand. I knew she would understand the sadness of loosing a family pet recently; she recently lost a pet too. I knew she would understand the wrestling with age related issues and how I am feeling the anticipation of saying goodbye to Julia as she goes off to college soon. I knew she would get it when I told her how I was feeling vulnerable. My skin biopsy on my arm had come back positive for skin cancer. I knew she understood this scary word, and though they tell me it’s an easy fix, it’s unsettling.

I compiled my woes for Karen… sniffled, and snotted, as I brokenly expressed my feelings to her. “I have realized I am no longer physically invincible as I once thought, and I feel so vulnerable.”

After listening, Karen spoke words that covered me like a warm blanket on a cold day.

“Your life is changing. Everything is new. You have climbed a mountain and now you are at the top. It’s time to stop and look at the view from the peak of the mountain. Look and see where God has led you, and now look ahead and see where God is going to take you in this next season.”

She continued, “On the way up the mountain, you thought you were physically invincible, but on the on the way down, you will now have a chance to learn you are spiritually invincible.”

I flew over the Andes today. It was a perfectly clear day giving me a glimpse of what the top of the mountain looks like. Mountain after mountain, the peaks stretched toward Heaven, as if to give God endless praise.

After landing in Bolivia, I arrived at my hotel to be greeted by a young man-child. At 13, my sponsored child, Jeremy, gave me an enormous hug and literally rocked my body back and forth with his embrace. The boy, still much shorter than me, had the hug of a giant bear, and I felt myself melt into his arms as if Jesus were holding me saying, “Here is the top of the mountain, enjoy the view.”

The climb can be hard, and so can the decent, but the lessons learned along the way eventually will bring us to reach our hands to Heaven in endless praise. We go through seasons and changes, and it can feel unsettling, so can flight delays.  However, God does give us these amazing moments, like when we can look down at a boy who’s eyes look back to say, “I love you.”DSC_4509

I am looking forward to my week in Bolivia to see the view from the top of the mountain but I also am trusting God to take me through these next few months as I face new changes in life with a daughter going off to college and a new season approaching.

Tomorrow my group comes in to meet me, so stay tuned for stories from the week. I will share when I can.

Love you all,


(forgive my typos, I am on the road) My excuse this week.


One Comment on “The View from the Mountaintop

  1. Hi Patricia, Sorry to hear about the skin cancer, keep us posted. But I’ll share with you my experience in leaving my son off in his dorm room. I too was a little weepy, but I held it back till I was in the car, I got him this far, I had to trust my instinct that I did a good job and now he would put it all to good use, and I was right. He did a great job! Make it a happy day, go sight seeing, take her to lunch be happy for her new beginning. Also, you have a wise friend. Mary in NY

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