Letting go of “Lasterday”

Along with Memorial Day, we just finished up a week of celebrating her birthday.

DSC_6793She is 16 now and officially a licensed driver.

It’s hard to imagine we went from this…DSC_5821To this.DSC_4115Where has the time gone?

When Grace was little, she used to say “lasterday” instead of “yesterday.” When she would be explaining something, she would say, “remember when lasterday we were at Grandma’s?”DSC_5823

It was hard to correct her, because she was so darn cute.

She still is cute.Gracebeautiful#3

Now, at 16, she is amazes me. She is like a beautiful painting that when you first look at it, the colors are bright and beautiful, but as you study it, you realize what a complex masterpiece it is. This is my Grace.DSC_0109

Last week, our extended family surprised her with a party. In the Jones family tradition, each of us went around and told Grace what we loved about her. From uncles to aunts, cousins, sisters and grandmas, we all told Grace words of affirmation. (A great tradition we do at every Jones birthday.)

Uncle Dave wrote down the words that we all used.

Steadfast, fun, musical, easy going, awesome, inventor of lasterday, forgiving, sweet, talented, tenderhearted, open, original, greatest sister, wonderful, frustrating, listener, adviser, deep, crazy, complex, sensitive, and random.

How lucky I am to be her mom.

Since she was little, she had a gift of bringing fun and creativity into the family. She often kept us laughing with her funny little ways!DSC_5822Whidbey July 06 037

Even when she is mad, she still has a sweetness about her.DSC_0333

DSC_5830 (1)

I miss that little girl.  It’s hard letting go of lasterday.DSC_5824 (1)

DSC00133But I am excited to see her future.DSC_6650

We love our Gracie!

I am so proud of her.

3 Comments on “Letting go of “Lasterday”

  1. Well another milestone for you, congrats. She is a lovely young woman. Great job Mom & Dad. Mary in NY

  2. Grace is all of those words and many more. Love that girl, lasterday and today.

  3. She is beautiful. Reminds me of my grand daughter who is 14. So full of life and joy and beauty. Enjoy your time, it is precious.

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