Just Breath

Every year we go through it.

It’s the “end of the school year craziness”. Here, in our part of the country, school continues for one more week, which means every night is filled with some sort of a final school event. Sometimes, our kids have multiple events going on simultaneously, requiring Steve and me to divide and conquer.  The schedule gets crazy! Thank goodness for the Grandmas who attend all the school events too!

Steve and I escaped the craziness last weekend. DSC_5832We ran away to northern California where we could enjoy some amazing food and relaxation together. DSC_5978We celebrated 22 years of marriage, and my birthday, so it seemed appropriate to escape.

It was a lot of fun and a good way to prepare for the final stretch of craziness in the home.DSC_5850DSC_5941DSC_5845DSC_5900

I know what you are thinking, how does that rear end of a cat fit in to a weekend with my husband? And the answer is…it doesn’t. I just saw this cat and took his picture, and I liked the shot. He was looking out the door at a beautiful view.

Ok…back to my life.DSC_5890We got home on Monday, and this week flew by. Work was busy, homework for the girls was out of control, and the emotions and stress in the home have been at its peak. In a house with three teenage girls, to be at the peak of emotion, is possibly comparable to a nuclear explosion during the Zombie Apocalypse.  It’s bad!

Every year we go through it, but there is one thing that is different about this year.

One thing that makes me take a deep breath to prepare myself for what is to come.

One thing that reminds me of how fast time flies.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 6th, is Julia’s final day of high school. She graduates next Tuesday night, and then it’s over. The other girls will have a few more days of school, but for Julia, her days in high school will end. All her performances, all the award ceremonies, all the high school drama…gone gone gone. It’s over.

When I think about it, my eyes tear up, I get a big lump in my throat when I remember that little girl I put on the kindergarten bus years ago. I have to remind myself to “just breath”.

A new season is coming, and this summer is different than any other. When school roles around again in the fall, it will be time to say goodbye to her and move her out for college. Will she ever live in our house again? Or will she become a visitor. It’s hard to imagine and it hasn’t quite sunk in. Once in awhile I go there…but then I don’t want to. I don’t want to think about it.

Just breath. Just soak it in. That is all I can do today.

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