Want Adventure? Here is a New Perspective

Rock climbing, river rafting, climbing Mt. Everest…It’s easy to think of these things when you think of adventure. I always admire those that have an adventurous spirit, as they seem to be people that know how to live life to the fullest. Either that or they are simply crazy.

My life has a lot of adventurous elements. I am back home again after traveling to Ecuador on another grand adventure. This last adventure was with 14 pastors from across the USA and some other great people. Our trip included a journey to the Amazon Rain Forest, where we not only got to play with beautiful children sponsored by Compassion, but we ate grub worms, rode a canoe up a rushing river and had monkeys scream at us (it’s true).

Amazon Child

Amazon Child

DSC_8008 DSC_7926

For the last six weeks, someone in our family has gone off for an adventure, whether it was to camp, or out of the country. The girls have had a lot of fun too so it’s been a great summer.

Adventure is fun but I must admit I love the very precious moments when the adventures are over and our family can gather together. Sunday night, all five of us were finally back home.  The chatter of my three little ladies and one husband (who doesn’t really chat it up like the rest of us) was a beautiful sound to my ear.

In light of my own travels and experience, I don’t really think a life filled with adventure is about jumping out of airplanes, riding rushing rivers, or even going into the Amazon (though you may find these things adventurous). An adventurous life to me is bigger than this. It comes from trusting God to step out of our comfort zone and find purpose.  It comes from diving into rich relationships with others, taking risks for the sake of love, serving others even if it costs, and trusting God when we have fear. Adventure comes when we can trust it’s all going to be ok, and we spread our wings and jump into life. It comes from being a parent of three teenage girls with their ups and downs, with their ideas and talents and letting them spread their own wings to fly. Adventures can hurt and make us feel vulnerable, but all adventures give us a story, and hopefully help us understand our own self and God better.

When the adventure has ended, gratitude comes when we make it back home again knowing that God carried us through, even if it was a tough journey along the way.

Often people will say to me that I live an adventurous life, but it’s not about the Amazon or Africa. It’s about God and how He has purposed me in this world. It’s about my family and friends, and how they love me and how I love them.  It’s about conversations that are difficult, and doing hard things to help others. It’s about stretching myself and overcoming obstacles that get in the way of me growing spiritually. Adventure is about trust.

Honestly, my greatest adventure in this life so far has nothing to do with travel, but everything to do with those people I love the most.

And my greatest adventure yet, I will admit, has been 22 years of marriage and 3 daughters. It’s been more amazing than all the travels combined! I am so grateful.

(Picture taken at a friends wedding of Ms, Grace, Isabel and Julia. Photographer credit to Red Letter Days).


2 Comments on “Want Adventure? Here is a New Perspective

  1. I loved this post! The Lord has been trying to teach me to trust and stretch out of my comfort zone, especially within the past year or so. I have never traveled out of the country as you have, but my husband and I are planning our first trip with Compassion to the Dominican Republic in November. By the way, one of our Compassion children is from Ecuador. I’d love to read more about your trip! Have a blessed week, and continue enjoying life’s adventures as God leads you on!

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