The Clumsy Dance

I wish I was a poet, because if I were a poet, I would write a poem about this summer and how wonderful, complicated, beautiful, messy, and awesome it has been. I would write a poem about how my heart is beginning to feel the ache of saying goodbye to a season of life.

Summer is like a dance

Beautiful and clumsy.DSC_8074DSC_8079

I love summer. I love sitting outside at night in the warm air. We can sit out for hours and talk about life, share stories, and dream of the future. Julia leaves for college in just a few weeks now, so our conversations have been filled with lots of emotion.

And when it is over,

I don’t know how to feel. 

I am excited for her new adventure, yet I feel vulnerable to the emotions that are pending, as I prepare to say goodbye.

My vulnerable heart, prepares to let go,

after the sweetest song begins to fade.

For years, I have come into August ready for school to start, a little crazy and always excited for the routine of fall. During the summer, my house is always a mess from three children, filled with lots of noise, chaos, fights, fun and craziness. By August, I start going a little crazy as I try to get my kids out of bed before noon and convince them to get into bed before midnight.  But then September comes; routine enters back into our lives as school begins. Another summer has passed by.

Oh summer, like a clumsy dance,

you bring fun, love, and chaos.

DSC_7693This summer, I didn’t blog much; I have been taking it easy on the travel, and focused on being with my family. It’s been amazing, yet messy. We have had some heavy talks, big emotions, fun, arguments, sadness and the stresses that come with transition. I have recently learned that sending your child off to college is considered one of the biggest life changes. Truly, we are beginning to recognize the change that is happening to our family, and I can’t deny the mixed emotions.

I know this season will soon change,

And this dance shall end, when I let go.DSC_8142

It’s going to be hard, and that’s ok. I have a few more weeks before this transition comes, so I am just going to enjoy this clumsy dance of summer a little longer.

Summer is like a dance,

beautiful and clumsy.

And when it is over,

I don’t know how to feel.

My vulnerable heart, prepares to let go,

after the sweetest song begins to fade.

Oh summer, like a clumsy dance,

you bring fun, love, and chaos.

 I know the season will soon change,

And this dance shall end, when I let go.









6 Comments on “The Clumsy Dance

  1. Just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement today. The people who say that sending your kids off to college is no big deal, are liars! The truth is it hurts like nothing else. I always wondered if I did enough… did I teach her enough, prepare her enough… be encouraged that it gets easier. The pit in your stomach isn’t always a constant reminder. And eventually, they all need something- money, clean clothes, food, or just a reminder of what unconditional love is- and they come back to their mamas! Praying for all families who are transitioning! “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!”

  2. So happy for your daughter, is she going far from home? I have faced this challenge and I told myself to make it the best day of my life. One I worked hard onfor a long period of time. I did cry, but not in front of him. I waited till the car ride home. It was a short sweet cry for all the love I have for him. Hope that you find your drop off day joyful and do what she needs not what you need. Mary in NY!

  3. Thanks so much Sarah. I contacted twitter after changing my password twice and they got the issue resolved. Blessings!

  4. Hi Patricia,

    Sorry to leave this comment on your blog, but it was the only way to be sure you would read it. I think your Twitter account may have been hacked. I follow you on Twitter and have been sent 2 messages from your account. The first said: “How is this possible?” and the second just said: “What?” My Twitter name is @tummato (sort of a play on my surname).

  5. Beautiful blog post. Isn’t it a strange loveliness to see your children grow up? Remember to keep the memories sweet and the ears open to listen. Your heart will always be ready to receive… when the timing is right. Blessings sent your way.

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