I’m Proud to be the Parent of Seattle Pacific University Kid

Remember that first day of school when you dropped off your kid for kindergarten…and then you cried, and then you couldn’t wait until the day was over to find out how it went?  DSC_3785 (1)

Some things never change, and this has been my week.

I am excited to see my girl and wrap my arms around her. I am excited to welcome her back into our home for the summer, and have the opportunity to see her gorgeous face every single day this summer.

Tomorrow, I get to pick up Julia from Seattle Pacific University. Only a week ago, I received that horrible text that SPU had a shooter on campus. My girl has experienced a lot of emotions, along with all the other students, from loosing a classmate who lived in her dorm.Nine months ago, when I dropped her off at school, I never would have imagined something like this would of or could of happened at her school.

Needless to say, I am excited, gracious, happy, and elated she will be back in the house. My soul needs to see this girl.DSC_0667 Despite my excitement, deep down in my gut, there is an ache for the parents of Paul, who are dealing with loss. I can’t help but think, it could have been my kid. Their summer is a different story than mine, and one that breaks my heart.

This last week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me.  I have had to let go and trust in the Great Shepherd, who never slumbers or sleeps, to faithfully watch over my girl. I have had to let go and trust God He has a perfect plan. I have had to let go all over again, just like that first day of kindergarten.

I am proud of of how Seattle Pacific has responded this last week. I am proud of these students who rallied together, prayed together, worshiped, mourned and felt the the arms of Jesus…together.

10383899_858511047496810_4603090722226828678_nThe quivering voice of my daughter this week, assured me that the Holy Spirit is more alive than ever in her heart. She assured me her community is overcoming the evil done. and they are rising above. I heard her proclaim  Jesus is alive and conquers evil. I heard her say she and her friends have tucked themselves under the arms of Christ and cried and mourned. I heard her say she has felt the love of Jesus come close to tenderly comfort and give her peace. I heard her say she has worshiped in a rich and genuine way, unlike ever before. I have heard her say, her community has come together as the church, to seek Christ, and the peace that passes all understanding. I have heard her say, “I have changed.”

All I can say is, what a college experience. Possibly not the one I was expecting as a parent, but the one Jesus knew would come.

Evil was not born in God, but God overcomes evil.

I don’t know why and how this works in God’s big plan, except that I believe the world needs to know the love, the hope, and life that comes through Christ. Everywhere I go, in all the despair I witness overseas, I see the need for a Savior, and to me, there is no other but Christ.

I am proud to be a parent of an SPU kid. I am really glad it’s summer, and I am grateful I sent my girl to a school that will rise above this circumstance.




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