Goodbye 2014 and HELLO 2015 with EPICNESS!

What can I say about this last year?

Great, crazy, weird, sad, happy, lovely, and busy. There aren’t enough words.

Indeed, it was a good year. DSC_2391Here are some of my favorite photos from 2014.

1. THE BRAVE and STUPID. (January 2014)DSC_5874The crocodile was wild and alive, and this was an act of stupidity, bravery, and peer pressure. I was with a group of people from Monterey Church, traveling in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Not only did they influence me to sit on top of a wild crocodile, they influenced my decision to sponsor my sixth child with Compassion International. Monterey Church is doing amazing ministry on both sides of the USA, and I can’t say enough good things about this church and my awesome adventures with them.

2. MY BRUSH WITH GREATNESS. (February, 2014)  

DSC_6262Last February, Steve and I had the amazing privilege to take Ann Voskamp and her family to Guatemala with Compassion. This was my fourth overseas trip with Ann, and I love this woman and her family with all my heart. She is doing amazing things for the kingdom of God and she is the real deal. Ann, her kids, and her husband are truly special to my family.

3. RESULTS. (20 years with Compassion, April 2014)

DSC_6879 Awww… I love this man, he is my hero. He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow (Deuteronomy 10:18). 20 years of working for Compassion, Steve is the stable force of our family and has brought a heart for justice and compassion into our home.

Isabel met her sponsored child on Steve’s 20th year trip with Compassion. April 2014.DSC_8166#3. OVERCOMING TRAGEDY (June 2014)10383899_858511047496810_4603090722226828678_nI didn’t take this photo but I thought it was amazing. This year, my oldest, Julia, experienced her first, and hopefully her last, school shooting. A young man lost his life and indeed this was a huge, life altering event for my daughter and her school at Seattle Pacific University. I loved seeing her campus overcome tragedy.

4. THE CHICK DRUMMER  (June 2014)

DSC_1417I don’t know where to start with my explanation of this picture. It was taken in the Dominican Republic this last summer. Grace, my middle child has this incredible gift in music, affirmed by some of the best musicians we know in the industry. She writes, composes and plays music, and does it very well. She is an amazing drummer, even though her primary instrument is bassoon. However, she seems to be the last one of the bunch to recognize her own gift. I love this picture above because she finally had the gutts  to play with some amazing percussionists from the Dominican Republic.  

(Below is Grace at Laurelwood Baptist Church playing for Christmas.) DSC_4178 (1)

5. NEW YORK, NEW YORK. DSC_2488DSC_2545Isabel and I spent a week in New York. It’s kind of a long story, but Isabel has this little career going on behind the scenes. When she is ready to talk about it on social media, we will let you know. In the mean time, I will just say, I am so thankful my daughter has so much Jesus in her, so much Africa in her, and so much love in her. She wants to be a light in the world. New York was amazing, but we are praying through the future as it calls out to Isabel.  

6. FAMILY FUN. (August 2014)

So thankful for generous and hospitable friends that we got to share precious life moments with in Tahoe this summer (and with Maddie in Kenya)!


#7 LANTERNS IN THE SKY (November 2014)

DSC_3579DSC_3599 DSC_3583  I went on a lot of trips this year, but Thailand was something special. We visited during the Lantern Festival, and it was magical. The hard part was not sharing this moment with my family.



9. The BEAUTY OF CHRISTMASDSC_4484 (2) DSC_4545 DSC_4667 10. ME.

I am aging, but I am still smiling.DSC_3250 (1) DSC_4287

I lost 20 pounds this year because I worked hard at exercise and eating right.

Bonus Picture. BABY ELEPHANT SITTING IN A BUCKET. I see some amazing things with travel. DSC_2507

In 2015, my goal is to have an epic year because I turn 50. I am sort of in denial, but I am so thankful to God for what HE has given me. I have this amazing man I am married to, and three beautiful children. Most of all, I am thankful to Jesus, my Savior who has so much grace for me, and seems to watch over me. I am super excited for 2015 to live out the plan that God has laid before me and my peeps.

Happy New Year!





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