My New Travel Adventure Begins – The Grand Palace

Most of my journeys take me to familiar places. However, this week, I am on a new adventure.

After traveling 30 plus hours, I made it to Bangkok last night. Deliriously tired, my first priority wasn’t sleep. Instead, I went straight to the restaurant to order me some real Thai cookin. I wasn’t disappointed. Then I slept.

Today, after I woke up, I had a decision to make. I could either stay hunkered down at the hotel while I waited for the group to arrive or…go on an adventure. Guess what I did.  I hired me driver to take me for a spin. I ended up at the Grand Palace and wasn’t disappointed.DSC_3325

DSC_3327DSC_3361I have only been here a day now, but I have been struck at how amazing this culture is. Rich in history, steeped in their religion, the wealth of art, and deep tradition, there is much to be learned here. I am looking forward to understanding more. DSC_3331

Things are clean, people are generous, polite, helpful and kind, systems seem to work, and there is a sense of order. The prices are surprisingly affordable too. In fact, at lunch, I ordered soup thinking I was getting the medium size bowl for the price, when in fact I ordered soup for 10 people (as I sat there alone). When it was delivered, the servers sat around and giggled. I laughed pretty hard, and then offered the entire restaurant a bowl since I was a spectacle.  This is the price you pay in learning a new culture.

I am excited to see what is next. Tomorrow we head up north to Chaing Mai where we will be seeing what Compassion is doing in the country, and of course enjoying some amazing cultural events. For now, here are some more images of my day.  DSC_3355DSC_3333DSC_3319DSC_3383DSC_3321DSC_3368

2 Comments on “My New Travel Adventure Begins – The Grand Palace

  1. Fond memories of our family trip there in March… will you be going to the Thai/Burma border?

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