International Airports Where You’ll Really Enjoy a Long Layover

Part of the joys of travelling around the globe and seeing different cultures, is the time you spend inside an airport. Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes being on a long layover can be fun and rewarding especially if you’ll have ample time to either appreciate the art works, or go on leisurely activities, or even practice your golf swing. Having said that, here are some of the world’s most unique airports that we’d like to visit one day:

Munich Airport

Wave pools are an in-thing these days, but Germany took it up a notch and introduced airline passengers to a one-of-a-kind variation. Munich Airport is more than just the second busiest airport in the country; it’s also the go-to place for surfers who want to catch artificial yet challenging waves. A flowhouse setup called “Infinity Wave” sits inside this airport, and has travellers and locals captivated. The Munich Airport even houses friendly competitions such as this event of Surf & Style  which invites surfers from all skill levels to showcase their tricks and ride the biggest standstill wave house in the world. Furthermore, there’s a European championship in Stationary Wave Riding where urban surfers are pitted against a pool of the sport’s elite.

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Gatwick Airport

With all the world-class restaurants, topnotch fashion boutiques, and advanced parking services, London Gatwick is more like a huge shopping center with airplanes. This landing field hosts 45 airlines with over 40 million travellers coming from 200 destinations every year. As a result, free parking spaces tend to be scarce. Thankfully, online companies in the UK came up with ways to help passengers secure a pre-reserved slot to save valuable time and money. Parking4Less, a parking aggregator, lists four options to choose from at Gatwick’s North and South Terminals. In contrast, if you’re just laying over in London for a number of hours, you can revel in the art works by Sir Peter Blake. Here, you can see the godfather of British pop art’s illustration of the city with pieces featuring timeless buildings, fantastic locations, and diverse spirits.

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Hong Kong International Airport

Other than being one of the most active landing fields in the world in terms of passengers and cargo, Hong Kong International Airport is like a massive entertainment complex. Terminal 2 boasts an IMAX theatre, which is the largest in the country and has a 350-seating capacity. In addition, the Hong Kong International Airport features the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, where enthusiasts can perfect their strokes and practice putting during a long layover. The movie theatre and 29 par golf course are both part of the airport’s $136.2 billion dollar expansion slated to be completed by 2030, according to Business Insider.

I am sure there are other airports that would be interesting to see that I have not mentioned here, but after working in the world of travel for the last few years, I thought these airports would be a fun place to have a layover.

What other airports have you been to that have interesting things to do?


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