Monday Letters – The Mommy In Me Makes me Do It.

Monday Letters are an open letter from me to my three amazing girls.

Dear Daughters,

Let’s have a little talk. You need to understand just why I get so excited and a little nutty over all your accomplishments, and why I try to protect you and why I take so many photos of you and why I try to help you become the best you can be. Let me explain.

I just can’t help myself.  I can’t help it if I think that you are all so talented, beautiful and wonderful.  The mommy in me makes me do it.

You see, most every mother in the world absolutely loves their child. They are convinced, as I am convinced, that their child is the most splendid and wonderful child in the world. This is just the way God made us. Just the other day I was with a mother who proceeded to tell me how her child was absolutely the most talented child she had ever seen.  She told me how her child would surely be a “star” one day.  Her child’s beauty, talent and splendor would dazzle everyone.  Her daughter would have all the lead roles in the school play, and her child could sing more beautiful than the angels in Heaven.  Honestly, I didn’t believe her because it was obvious to me she had never seen the three of you in action.

I have come to realize lately that most moms adore their child.  The love that a mother has for her child is overwhelming. I remember when each of you were born and looking at your little bodies with such adoration.  I could not believe how much I loved you. Oh…and then I left the hospital with this precious, adorable human being and all of a sudden I realized there was no owners manual.  Panic stricken, I feared doing things wrong. I didn’t want to be overprotective but I wanted to protect.  I wanted a healthy child but I didn’t want to be a germaphobe either.  I wanted happy children but not at the expense of spoiling you.  I wanted obedient children but I didn’t want to be controlling.  Being a mom is challenging.  I am just thankful I had your grandmas to help, friends to guide me, God to lead me and a great man beside me to help me raise you.

One day you may find yourself carrying a little person out of the hospital bundled up in a little blanket with the realization that this is your child whom you passionately love with all your heart.  You will understand why I goop with love when you play the drums in front of your school, and why I ask you a million questions about your day, and why I believe you could be the first woman president, and why I think you deserve the very best of life.

So for now, you are just going to have to live with my endless adoration and over abundance of bragging on you. You will have to settle with the fact that I am going to think you are stunning in every outfit (ok, maybe not every outfit) and how you sound so beautiful when you sing. You’re going to have to deal with me correcting you when you yell at your sisters or when you neglect doing your chores.  I want the best for you, I want you to be good and I want you to know that I am your biggest fan.  Deal with that my three little chicklets. That is why I am a little nutty and excited over your achievements.  So smile for the camera and let me take your picture.  I want to remember every moment.  It’s all because I love you and I am proud of you.



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