My Constant Companion

I love planning vacations.  I love getting on the computer and researching places to stay and what to do.  Then, I love getting ready for the trip.  Sometimes I enjoy packing, especially if I am going somewhere exciting.

I have been on quite a few journeys in my life, and experienced some amazing and bizarre things.  I have witnessed rituals that are not familiar to western culture, I have watched sunsets in some of the most breathtaking places in the world.  I have had my head pooped on twice while in exotic places in the world.  Oh the romance of travel.  I have laughed to the point of loosing bladder control and cried to the point of despair while traveling.  I have feared for my life, but felt tremendous comfort from my Constant Companion.  I have missed planes, been sick, lost luggage, and been strip-searched at the border (by a woman who was respectful).  I have been the recipient of a stranger’s generosity beyond my imagination.  My feet have been kissed as a greeting, my head has been touched for a blessing, and my hands have been held by the poorest of the poor.  I have seen the work of Michelangelo, I have visited to the grandest of cathedrals, and I have been to the slums of Calcutta.  I have been literally surrounded by tribal dancing, children praying and gangs in Honduras.  And…. I have seen very big spiders.

We all have this journey in life that we travel.  We all get pooped on here and there. We have these amazing moments, whether that is marriage or the birth of a child. We all experience tragedy too.  Even the little stuff can make our adventure difficult.  Navigating this adventure of life can be rough.  It’s easy to get lost.

I love coming home from a trip.  Walking into my house, sleeping in my own bed and having all the familiar things around me.  Many times while I am flying home, I imagine seeing my kids and husband (unless they are with me) and what that first embrace will be like.  I look forward to eating food in my kitchen, petting my dogs and taking a bath.  I look forward to my comforts.

Life is such a journey.  I want to enjoy it.  I want to cherish it, but this journey will end at some point.  As I see it now, I am having too much fun for it to end (God willing), but going home is always good.  I have faith.  In my faith I know where home is after this adventure.  I know that my Constant Companion who travels with me through my adventures in this life will be with me when I go home.  It brings me peace and hope.

As I reflect on the this world and all that it has, all that I have seen, all the stories that I have heard, as I think about Haiti, poverty, hunger, sadness, those who give up comforts to serve others, those who are grieving, as I think about the brilliant moments of life, beautiful music, fantastic scenery, and wonderful relationships, as I think about the world as I know it, I am grateful that I have a Constant Companion in Christ that travels with me to share my journey with me.  He will be there no matter what.  Alone it would hard.  I can’t even imagine.  But when this life is over, I want my Constant Companion to be with me once again.  I know where I am going, I know where my home is, and this is my PEACE while I travel.

What is yours?

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