Wingman is in Haiti

What has your week been like?

My week has been busy, but nothing compared to my friend, Wingman.

Wingman is in Haiti this week.

Our dear friend, David Stephenson, who we have deemed as Wingman, headed down to Haiti to help with a medical team from Compassion International.  David is a police officer and on the SWAT team in Vancouver, WA as a medic, so he is definitely qualified to assist this team.  We absolutely love this man, not only because he is a faithful and loyal friend, but because he is the kind of person that would give his life to save another.  He also helps my husband cope with all the estrogen in our home.  He takes my husband out for recreational guy time and allows my husband time to….. well….I am not really sure, but my husband is nicer when he comes home, so I love Wingman.

Last night I talked to Wingman’s wife to see how it was going in Haiti.  She had just talked to David. She gave me the run down and basically said things were tough down there. David looks like a tough “COP”, but deep down inside, he is compassionate and gentle.  He loves kids, he loves people, and I know that Wingman is shedding a few tears this week.

Karen told me that the medical team is seeing 100 plus people a day, but that only scratches the surface.  There is so much need.  They are seeing wounds and breaks that have gone untreated for two weeks. They are having to do amputations and difficult procedures. They are hearing stories that are heart breaking.  They are seeing things that are horrific.

Please keep giving toward Haiti.  Please keep praying for David Hames who is a videographer for Compassion and is still missing, and pray his family.  Please keep Wingman and this medical team in your prayers and please don’t let the business of life keep you from remembering to help those that are hurting.

Wingman gets home soon. I am excited to pass on his stories when I hear them.

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