Two Dads

This last weekend was my husbands’ birthday.  One of the traditions we have in our family is to share something we love about that person on their birthday.  I told my husband that I loved the fact that he was a great father, and that any future boyfriends or husbands in the lives of our girls will have a lot to live up to.  My husband is great about spending time with the girls.  He takes the girls on dates, he shows up to all their events, and he spends a lot of time listnening.

This got me thinking about priorities, parents and sacrifice.  Here are two families that I have recently crossed paths with.


Dad #1 -He moved under the bridge.  He had a choice of either paying child support or paying rent for his apartment.  He ended up homeless to support his kids.  He loves his kids very much.  His kids are disappointed that their dad is homeless, but until he can make more money, he will live under the bridge because he loves his children.

Dad #2 -This dad is a pastor.  He started a church and it grew and grew.  This church is one of the largest in his city and has a dynamic ministry. Despite the amazing ministry, this pastor has a son who developed a drug addiction. Recently, his son went into a christian based recovery program. The son was so excited about his recovery, he invited his father repeatedly to come to the church that helped him recover.  His father never came, said he didn’t have time, because of his ministry.  The son confessed that this has always been the case with his father.

So…what do you think?

One Comment on “Two Dads

  1. I think both stories broke my heart. I think Dad #2 needs (or needed?) good men in his life to hold him accountable. I think Dad #1 is why I wish I had unlimited resources and could buy people like him a home! He could pay rent (so he was contributing) but it would be so affordable, practically neglible. If only…

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