$30 in the Pocket of a 10 Year Old

I am going to Kenya with a bunch of bloggers on March 2.  When Isabel found out I was going back to Kenya, she started saving her money.

Last year, my family went to Kenya with Compassion International.  Isabel had seen poverty before, so she was well prepared.  She saved her money for that trip so she could purchase toys for kids. She filled up a giant suitcase and hauled it across the world.

After we went to Kenya, we both talked about how many kids did not have very nice shoes.  That got her little head and heart moving.   You see, both Isabel and I have a weakness toward shoes and we both have a closet full.

So Isabel put an announcement out to her Facebook friends, her church friends, and schoolmates, to help with her shoe fund. She calls it “SHOES FOR KIDS”.    Unfortunately, nobody responded to her advertisement, at least not yet, so she took all the money she has saved over the last couple of months, and purchased as many shoes as $30 can buy.

I think she did pretty well.

Now we know feet like these

can get shoes like these.

8 Comments on “$30 in the Pocket of a 10 Year Old

  1. the best kids shoes are those that are made of natural leather but they are a bit more expensive compared to synthetics ~

  2. Wonderful!!! I will know in the next couple of days what projects. I have a call today with the team. I will post them in my blog so others can know so be watching. Love it!!!!

  3. Patrica, I have several sponsors who sponsor children in Kenya. I really want to introduce them to the blog and have the follow along on the bloggers tour. Do you happen to know yet which projects you are going to be visiting or at least which regions you will be traveling in. This may help me encourage them to get involved.

    (One of the sponsors is a Dr. from our area (counselor) who studied many of the countries that Compassion serves in trying to choose the one that a sponsoring a girl would be the most life changing in. He chose to sponsor a girl from the Massai regions of Kenya. He and his wife WILL be following along on the blog!

    Thanks so much,
    Debbi Akers

  4. She is a great kid. We are getting a bunch of donations now and she is charged! I just have get the shoes across the world now. I may run out of room for my clothes.

  5. so proud of your lil gal! amazing! i’ll check for shoes that can be given (if she’s still wanting to collect them)…in fact, i know i have several pairs i can contribute myself!! 🙂

  6. Isabel hasn’t set up a link, but you can either drop a new pair of kids shoes off at my house (nothing too expensive), or drop $10 and she will get a pair of shoes for a kid. She will be thrilled.

  7. Where is the link? I’d like to donate….I could just drop it by your house…

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