Walking a Mile in Isabel’s Shoes

Isabel is my youngest child, however, she seems to have the heart and soul beyond her years.  Last year, we took Isabel to Kenya to see work of Compassion International.  She certainly was impacted, but the other night it all came out. She sat down at dinner and explained her heart to the family with tears streaming down her cheek. She wants to collect shoes for kids.  She wants all the children in the world to have decent shoes.  It’s concrete, and it’s something she can grasp. She is now on a quest to collect shoes for kids and she has raised funds for 18 pairs of new shoes.

I look forward to delivering these shoes to Kenya.  I decided that while I am in Kenya on this next blog trip to focus my blog stories on children in the light of their shoes, but…..  today, we will focus on Isabel, and walk a mile in her shoes.

This is her story.. unedited…  She is 10.


By Isabel

Just the other day I wanted to start a company called shoes for kids. Before I went to school that day I made papers saying I need shoes before March 2nd because that’s when my mom was going to Kenya and I wanted 10-20 shoes for my mom to give to kids there. I also e-mailed and face booked. I waited for around a week waiting for people to give me shoes, but I realized that I had $33 in my wallet and I’m just a kid. There’s parents and families in Kenya that just have about $5-10 and I have $33 dollars. People in Africa houses might cost less then what I have. So on February 12, 2010, I went out to Wal-Mart and bought 7 pares of shoes for only $24, and now I have 9 pairs. Something I learned that day was I am a rich kid even if I don’t live in a big giant house, that all Americans that have more then $20 are rich to people in Africa.  Oh and I also learned you can bye 7 shoes with $24 for kids.

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  3. Just before Christmas a few years back – Isabel was 4 or 5 – I took her with me to Target looking for gifts. I know she noticed the Salvation Army lady with her kettle, ringing her bell, as we walked in. As usual we ended up looking at toys in the toy section but Isabel only had $1.00 in her pocket and she really didn’t seem too interested in spending it, and didn’t ask me to buy something for her.
    As we left Target she dropped her dollar in the kettle and wished the lady a merry Christmas. I knew then she was a child with a very big and generous heart.

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