Little Lou….

We call her Lou.

We call her Little Lou.

We call her Lou Lou.

We call her Isaboo.

We call her angel….

But, her real name is Isabel, and she was born 11 years ago this very day.

Isabel came into our lives as a bit of a surprise, a good surprise.  I wasn’t really expecting to have a third child when I found out I was pregnant, but God gave me a sweet gift.

When you meet Isabel, she may fool you into thinking she is shy, but this is a girl that will dance when the music is right (her latest is Irish dance), sing when she is moved, speak out when someone needs to say something and fight when,……she feels like it.  She expresses herself with freedom but her teacher calls her a “silent leader.”  In church I often see her hands stretched to Heaven as she sings.  She is just an expressive child.

Isabel is my gift giver and never misses the opportunity to put money in the Salvation Army basket at Christmas, or put money in the church offering. She pays attention (sometimes too much) with how much we spend on eating out or on things for her.  She is always looking for ways to cut costs or stretch the dollar because she wants to give more to our sponsored kids.

Oh, and when she prays……it’s with heart.

Isabel is a cause-oriented, fashion finding, thrill seeking child.  She will boldly try new things, go on scary thrill rides, wear fashion with flare, and find creative ways to help others.  Her latest is “Shoes for Kids”.  She wants to make sure every child in the world has shoes on their feet.  With her gifts, I do believe God will use her to do great things.

Her dream is to be a fashion designer with purpose.  Her dream is to take her line of fashion to help those in poverty. TOM’s shoes resonates with this child.  If you aren’t familiar with TOM’s shoes, they give a pair of shoes away to a needy child for every pair of shoes that are purchased.

Today we get the honor of celebrating Isabel’s life.  It is also a day we reflect on the sacrifice God made for us.   My little girl lives to be like her Savior, and in some 11-year-old, 75 pound, 5’2” profound way, she gets it way beyond her years.  No, she is not perfect, and by golly she is highly hormonal, but she is a good kid, and I am proud of her!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

3 Comments on “Little Lou….

  1. Sorry I’m chiming in late to Isabel’s birthday wishes. Isabel is truly an amazing girl! But, I have to say that the word “shy” just doesn’t ring true in my experience with Lou at all. If she’s quiet at all around me, I realize that she is just listening & looking for the right opportunity to offer a hilarious ZINGER or to most likely throw down some kind of gauntlet. She is highly competitive & can follow that up as she is also extremely gifted & can (& has) beat me at any game (which she likes to remind me of). As a ridiculously aggressive competitor myself (without the skills to follow up) I have to say that this is something that I absolutely enjoy & love about Isabel. She never ceases to make me laugh & always does so with a twinkle in her eye.
    I am so excited to see all that God is doing in Isabel & how she is affecting so many lives across the world. What a heart.

  2. Please tell Isabel that today is also the birthday of Hannah, who lives in Kenya, who is 13 today, who was sponsored by us because we followed the Kenya blogger trip last month, and saw Hannah’s picture, and thought she was really special. Like Isabel.

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