Three reasons he keeps saying yes.

For the last couple of weeks my husband has said yes to all my ideas (or most of my ideas).  He is sort of reminding me of Jim Carey in “Yes Man” without all the Jim Carey goofiness.  Maybe he finally figured out I am always right (ok, maybe not always) or he has given up on arguing with me.  I haven’t figured it out yet.  All I know is he agreed to a trip that isn’t in his M.O. (Modus operandi or also known as Method of Operation).

It all started about two weeks ago. I came to my husband and told him that I had this great idea for spring break.  I said, “Let’s take the girls to Victoria, BC and visit our friends, Curtis and Michelle, on the way.”  (Curtis and Michelle live on Whidbey Island).

I knew the visit to Whidbey Island with Curtis and Michelle would be ok, but I wasn’t sure about the Victoria, BC.  After all, it’s not the usual high adventure, active vacation of skiing, golfing or scuba diving.  He tends to like vacations with exercise in the mix.

But…… my husband said yes. I found a great deal on a hotel room on and we were off and running.

When we got to Whidbey Island, Michelle and I asked Stephen if he wanted to come with us and the kids to the tulip fields.  Stephen said, “Yes!”

The tulips were lovely.

Then I asked him to pose for a picture with me and he said, “Yes”!  He posed for a romantic picture amongst the tulips.

After we left Whidbey Island, we headed to Victoria, BC.  It was a three hour ferry ride through the beautiful San Juan islands.

So, we arrived in Victoria, and the girls wanted to shop. They said, “Dad, can we go shopping?”

Stephen said, “Yes.”

“Dad, do you want to come with us?”

Stephen said, “Yes.”

So we spent the next few hours shopping in Victoria for things that girls like to shop for things like stuffed animals, and touristy things.  Julia bought a hat.

Grace bought a moose pillow and Isabel bought a blanket with a Canadian flag on it.  I bought a tea set.  Stephen didn’t buy anything.

(OK…now my english accent is coming out so just imagine).

The next day I suggested a carriage ride and  Stephen said, “Yes.”

I thought we were pushing it maybe just a little bit, but he was in all the way.      

Maybe it was all ok because of the princesses he was with! Then we rode the carriage to the palace (The Empress Hotel) where Stephen agreed to have……..high tea……. and when we got the bill…..Stephen agreed to pay it…… (just sayin…)

Our girls became official princesses, so it was worth it.  Right?

So, like I said, I have been trying to figure out just why Stephen was so agreeable.  Maybe… just maybe, there is a reason…… Maybe three reasons…..he keeps saying yes.

Ok…maybe four reasons.  I think I am in that mix too.

He is good man…not just because he said yes, but because he loves his girls….and he loves me too!

10 Comments on “Three reasons he keeps saying yes.

  1. Mick,
    You snarky? Never. I would be interested though….. We had a black with Plex. You are legend ya know.

  2. Steve is a great guy…with a beautiful family like yours I can see why he keeps saying “yes.” As a dad to two beautiful girls I find it hard to resist at times myself. They have had me doing things I never thought I would be doing. That’s what being a dad to girls is all about though, right?

    Way to go Steve. Here’s a high-five from one dad do another.

  3. That is the sweetest ever! I am so happy you are all having a lovely time in Vancouver BC & on Whidbey Island. What fun! Oh & I just adore high tea! What a treat! Glad he is saying yes!! Blessings on your vacation!

  4. Right there with you Stephen and Ryan, why YES I am, YES indeed!

  5. is that what i have to look forward to with a house full of girls??!
    oh well. I already dress Barbies, pick out pretty dresses and can match hair bows in a snap.

    guess i’m on my way to being a yes man, too!

  6. My response started out kinda snarky (imagine that), but eventually, a little tear was rolling down my cheek. It’s hard work being so cool. Way to pull it off, Stephen!

    Hope you guys had a great time with Plex and Co.


  7. I love this post too! We think we’re having a boy, but this makes me excited to have a girl! Maybe it will even get Chris on board the girl train!

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